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Meditation Evenings – Litios Light Centre in Barrie


These guided meditations will help you to leave the hustle and bustle of daily life and return to the centre of your being, to find peace and quiet in the centre of your heart and find your inner power again. It will also support you to connect to your Higher Self and the higher spheres as well as clearing and activating your aura and chakras.

Many participants report having very intense and special experiences during the meditation in that they get in contact with the Angelic Realm or they have very illuminated visions.

Every evening will have a different topic and focus on a specific Light Crystal, which is connected to this topic.

The theme of the evening might be changed through the needs or the wishes of the participants!


6.30pm – Doors open to look at the crystals, talk to others and have a cup of tea
7.00pm – 8:30pm Talk and Meditation
Barrie South, ON

Please register per email or call us and we will send you directions per email.
Tel: 416 523 7728 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

$10 Donations are welcome.

Everyone is welcome.


 Thu April 27, 2017  The Gate of Ascension - The Angel's Gate
 An opening into higher dimensions of light


Thursday April 27 - The Gate of Ascension - The Angel's Gate 

Peter will introduce the Light Crystals and the story of how they are created. Then through the Gate of Ascension we will connect with Lightlord Metatron, the Archangels and the Ascended Masters and we will create a powerful channel of Light to the primordial spheres of the Divine Creation.
We will do a meditation where we will ask Archangel Metatron and the Crystal Angels to not only harmonize and balance our own energy system, chakras and auras, but we will invite them into our homes to clear and harmonize them as well. The Litios Light Crystals will assist us in strengthening this experience.

The energy of this gate is merging with you and opening you, you will be a receptacle for the highest energies. You are merging with the pristine energy and you will be a gate yourself, a channel for the energies of ascension.
You feel embraced, accepted, loved and connected.


Excerpt from the article "The Angel's Gate - Potential and possibilities"

Angels Gate 4The Gate of Ascension also called Angel's Gate is a wonderful gate which opens a powerful channel into the higher dimensions of light and anchors it firmly into our here and now reality. It facilitates the connection with all divine planes and dimensions of the universe. It is a portal and acts as a cosmic transmitting and receiving station, creating light and star portals. Through the Angel's gate, you are allowing Crystal Angels from Archangel Metatron's heavenly realms to have a more direct connection with you and your surroundings.

This Angel's Gate energizes and harmonizes an entire room, apartment or a house with the energy of Archangel Metatron's Crystal Sphere and opens a spiritual gate to the primordial crystal energies. Consciously connect with these energies and feel uplifted, free, lightened and surrounded by loving energies. It is a gate for angels and Ascended Masters who will "work" with you affectionately.

On its own, the Angel's Gate will automatically have a certain energetic radius where it will raise the vibration of its surroundings. The more you work with it and consciously connect with the angels and masters working through it, the stronger it will get and expand its energy outwards. Many actively working with their Angel's Gate report that it can expand into an entire apartment building and hence all will benefit from its divine energy. The Angel's always respect divine will and the multi-dimensionality of the Gate is such that it will illuminate each being in its radius individually and only to the extent of, and in accordance with, their higher will....


Read the full article here




Ursula and Peter Schnell

Dr. Ursula and Peter Schnell
Barrie (Toronto), Ontario, Canada

Cell: 416 523 7728
Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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