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Light Crystals & Light Diamond

Connected to the Light Devas

The following Litios Light Crystals are especially suited for connecting with the Light Devas and Nature Beings.

For the online seminar "The Enchantment of the Light Devas", you can optionally order your favourite Light Crystal(s) or Light Diamond(s) before the seminar so that they arrive on time and you can meditate with them already during the online seminar.

Order 7 days before the seminar to ensure receiving them by Canada Post with Xpress Post
For outside of Canada at least 10 days 
(Delivery time cannot be guaranteed due to postal service disruptions).   

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Dragon Pendant

- Power, courage, strength, self-confidence
- Protection, excellent grounding
- Activate powers of creation and manifestation
- Golden Master Dragons accompany you

dragon crystalline


Dragon Pendant diamond (zirconia)

- Creation Powers of the Golden Master Dragons
- Excellent grounding and protection
- Power, courage, strength, self-confidence
- Redeeming deepest and innermost fears

drachen medaillon diamant 01

Unicorn Pendant

- The Divine Matrix of the Unicorn
- Heavenly power animals and true companions
- Allow your soul temple to radiate and blossom
- Power of endurance, stamina and persistence

einhorn medaillon 01

Dolphin Pendant (classic design)

- Radiance of the Sirian Dolphin Devas
- Joy and harmony on all levels
- For a deep sleep and pleasant dreams
- Very calming for children
- Diameter: 1-1/8 in. / 28 mm

Dolphin Pendant 8 sided

Dolphin Pendant (new design)

- Radiance of the Sirian Dolphin Devas
- Joy and harmony on all levels
- For a deep sleep and pleasant dreams
- Very calming for children
- Diameter: 1-1/4 in. / 30 mm

delfin medaillon 01 3


Elf Sphere

- Key portal to the kingdom of the elves
- The healing power of the nature realms
- Authority of the elves transferred to you
- Connection to the Elohim Creator Lords

elfen kugel 05 v2 retouched



Dragon Sphere

- Golden Master Dragons surround you
- Power, strength, courage, self-confidence
- Excellent grounding and protection
- Activate powers of creation and manifestation

drachen kugel 08



 Dragon Sphere diamond

- Direct contact with Golden Master Dragons
- Activating your creation powers, Kundalini fire
- Reconciliation of miscreation of the Earth
- Redeeming Karma through abuse of creationdrachen kugel diamant 07

Unicorn Sphere

- Gives you renewal, regeneration, rejuvenation
- Awakens a deep awareness of the entire creation
- Opens and softens hardened souls
- For a good night's sleep and wonderful dreams

einhorn kugel 01



Dolphin Sphere

- Pure dolphin energy for the aura and rooms
- joy, harmony, lightful communication
- Love for the animal kingdom
- connection to nature devas
- For a good night's sleep and wonderful dreams

delfin kugel 02




Elf Pearls

- Invoking the high, regal Elf Lords & Archangels
- Reactivate & strengthen the nature forces
- Nature beings will gladly return & be nourished
- Your garden will explode and flourish

elfenperlen 01


 Elf Scarf

- Key to the Elf and Fairy Kingdom
- Healing power of the Kingdom of Nature
- Balances and harmonizes your aura & chakras
- Pure cotton, 1m x 1m, various colours

elfentuch 01

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