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Archangel - online seminar
Sun, Dec 6, 2020

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The Divine Authorities and the Healing Powers of the Archangels 

Archangels Ignite their Cosmic Flame in You


Experience the powerful presence and healing frequencies of the Archangels and the 12 Divine Colour Rays through deep guided meditations.

The Archangels are the divine administrators of Creation. They represent the different aspects and attributes of God in Creation which they implement and maintain, for example love, healing, devotion and protection. Each Holy Archangel is assigned to one of the 12 Divine Colour Rays which infuses and brings life to all of creation, including the Earth.

Each Archangel has a different area of expertise and yet they work in conjunction with all the other Archangels to provide the Earth and all of humanity every possibility for an illuminated path forward. They have received special Powers of Authority out of the Heart of the Source and are responsible as protectors, light custodians and great providers.

In this seminar you can intensify your heart's connection with each of the Archangels and you can hand over your wishes and concerns to them. You can experience their healing powers in your chakras and aura through their Cosmic Fire of Love of the Archangels. 


engelSeminar Leaders:


PeterUrsula Schnell square 1500x1500


Date Sunday, December 6, 2020
Time 11:00am - 4:00pm EST (Toronto, New York)
  8:00am - 1:00pm PST (Vancouver, Los Angeles)
16h - 21h - UK Time (London)


Ursula and Peter Schnell - Litios Canada/US

Location Online (via Zoom)

$107  plus tax & fees
          includes handouts

Pre-requisite: there are no pre-requisites
Technical requirement: internet device for Zoom


Click here to register on-line


engelSeminar Content

  • Who are the Archangels and the Choirs of Angels?
  • An overview of the Angelic Hierarchy
  • Which tasks and specific authorities do the Archangels have?
  • The 12 Holy Archangels of the Divine Colour Rays introduce themselves
  • How can the Archangels support you in the current times?
  • Clearing and transformation of the chakras and aura through the Archangels


engelWords from Archangel Michael

"Beloved Light Brothers and Sisters of this Earth, this is Archangel Michael, your light brother. I come to into this time and space and speak to you on behalf of the Council of the 12 Archangels, that irradiate and guide the humanity of this Earth with the 12 Divine Colour Rays. We ignite our divine heart flames and unify them to one Cosmic Fire of the Archangels. It is the all purifying, all liberating, all clearing, all infusing Cosmic Fire of the Archangels. Dive deep into your being and consciousness. Allow yourself to be completely ignited by our Cosmic Fire."

channelled by Angel Medium Kyria Deva"


engelWhat you will experience

  • Archangel Metatron creates a light temple in your home and will personally guide you throughout the seminar
  • Intensive heart contact with the Archangels and the Choirs of Angels
  • The healing powers of the Archangels
  • Exercises to detect blockages in the chakras
  • Transformation of your chakras with the Cosmic Fire of Love of the Archangels
  • Hand over your current heart's concerns and wishes to the Archangels
  • You can now stride positively forward in your life with new energy
  • Initiation into the Archangel Pendant
  • Deep guided meditations with the Archangel



Recommended Light Crystals and Light Diamonds connected to the Archangels:

Order Light Crystals in advance to support you during the seminar

You may be interested in acquiring a specific Light Crystal or Light Diamond that is delivered to you before the seminar.
In this way you can meditate with it during the seminar and experience it more deeply, allowing it to support you during the seminar.


Angel Pendant contrast













Angel Pendant

connected with Archangel Michael • mirror of the Holy Spirit • protective field of light • strengthening the aura, karma transformation • internal focus • centeredness • illuminated guidance


Archangel Pendant contrast













Archangel Pendant

connected to all Archangels • intensive heart contact • cosmic fire of love • resolving ego issues • aura harmonization • protective field of light • expanding your spiritual perception and your Third Eye • higher perspective


engelSeminar Location - online seminar. 


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