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The Gate of Ascension – Angel´s Gate

Metatron El Shaddai (he who stands before the Throne of God)

channelled by Kyria Deva


Beloved, this is Metatron El Shaddai. I am the highest Divine Oneness of the Metatron energy and I am connecting you to this Oneness, to All-That-Is, to Unity. The highest Divine Oneness El Shaddai shall permeate you.

The energy of this Gate of Ascension is merging with you and opening you, you will be a receptacle for the highest energies. You are merging with the pristine energy of this gate and you will be a gate yourself, a channel for the energies of ascension, the fusion with Oneness, universal consciousness, Divine Unity, your Divine monad. You yourself are this powerful gate, this Gate of Light. This gate is so mighty, it serves to raise the Earth´s vibrational frequency. It connects you directly to Gaia´s consciousness, accelerates your developmental rhythm and your evolution, it kindles your next octave of evolution, it raises the vibrational frequency of the evolutionary spiral. This is what I, Metatron El Shaddai, bring about when you connect with me through this Gate of Ascension. I suffused it with light from my highest Divine realm. It is a powerful gift in order to open your own inner Gate of Ascension. You shall be the channel and serve ascension for the benefit of yourself and the whole Earth. This is the most pristine, noblest energy of this Gate of Ascension.

Every time you connect with this energy in mediation you get in touch with your inner Divinity, and every time the higher energy of your Divinity infuses you. Softly, harmoniously, enriching, filling you with light, restructuring all your Bodies and raising your Divine frequency. This is the purest and highest potential of this Gate of Ascension.

You can also directly connect with all higher beings. It is a gateway to all planes of light. In your mind you can send an arrow of love to a specific destination and this gate will link you with a direct channel to a Divine being of light, to an angel, an Elohim, an Ascended Master or even to a dimension, a star, a planet or a sun.

It is like a cosmic transmitting and receiving station. It is as clear and pure as the crystals used to be in Atlantean times: a spiritual transmitter and receiver.

We recommend you to use it playfully and yet with an attitude full of reverence. Only then will the Crystal Angels work with you in great joy and love. You will be filled with exhilarating, euphoric feelings from our world, from our dimension. And then you will know you are connected with us. Just open your Heart Chakra and welcome the Crystal Angels streaming into your plane, your dimension through this gate; you will feel our presence.

This is my legacy to you, beloved servants in the Lord – all light workers, and so be it. Amen.





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