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Ashtar Sphere "Starship Sphere from Adonai Ashtar"

Adonai Ashtar

channelled by Kyria Deva


This is Adonai Ashtar, shining as bright as the sun – thousands of starships are surrounding you, great joy is prevailing. And those Starship Spheres shall radiate this delight: The joyful reunion, the joyful first contact.

Contact is made wherever you put these spheres. We will descend our spaceship to earth and create connections. You may take the Starship Spheres along on your trips or to various places and make this first contact again – after a long time.

We welcome our terrestrial brothers and sisters on this Earth in the ranks of our intergalactic star brothers and sisters, our space brotherhood – I am the Lord of Hosts, of those star brothers and sisters. They come from everywhere in the cosmos, from this galaxy, from other galaxies, from intergalactic space, from universal space: Brothers and sisters of light, star brothers and sisters seeking contact to this Earth and re-establishing it.

In the beginning the original genesis structure of your species was endowed with star codes and light connections to the suns, stars and planets of Light. We restore these connections. Light technicians from our realm will come, reconnect you and reactivate your star codes, the key to space enabling you to regain your abilities, to communicate and interact with us, travel through time, space and light, from star to star, from galaxy to galaxy, back to the brothers and sisters of light.

We welcome you, we embrace you. We assist you in your development, in increasing your brain's function so that those who were given the key for the New Age will bring back the keys for new spiritual and technical achievements. Those keys shall be activated now – may your species open up for this quantum leap in evolution.

All mental, intellectual and spiritual structures will be extended so that your mind will be able to expand, and those who are destined to be pioneers of light will be a gift of grace, a blessing for the New Age and humanity. May they find courage and stride ahead to manifest those energies. Therefore, we bring our energies down to earth, we touch earthly ground and open you, we activate your Light-Body-Process on all levels, as we are so close to you, we truly are your star brothers and sisters of light.

These Starship Spheres will also help, they heal and harmonize any kind of extraterrestrial karma which still weighs on you, the energies of planets and beings from extraterrestrial space that are not yet in the light. They harmonize and heal landscapes that were harmed by such energies, and they harmonize and heal any kind of extraterrestrial manipulations. The spirit will open up and so will your structures, they will be revitalized, extended, reactivated. A new universe will come into being within you.

Our love is in you and with you and everyone coming into contact with this Starship Sphere receives a personal light connection to my heart (to Adonai Ashtar) if he so wishes. Hence I am bundling the rays of all light pioneers – may they propagate around the entire planet and spread their powerful light: Earth, be warmly welcome. Mankind, rise from the dust and head towards the light, towards the truth, return to the Cosmic Brotherhood.

The suns and stars radiate into you: Awaken brothers and sisters, open yourselves to the spirit of the New Age. Open your heart and know: We are here.

This is Adonai Ashtar, the Radiant One, servant of the eternal light. I am your servant in this process and so it is.

Today is a great festive day and millions of starships are stationed around Earth sending their light: the energy of the New Age, the energy of joy, humanity's return to the family of star brothers and sisters. Feel this energy of joy. This joy is connected with these Starship Spheres. May your longing heal, and so it is.

There are purest crystalline light ships that are born with a wonderful consciousness of light, and high light masters are able to communicate with those crystalline starships and move them by transferring their Master-Consciousness to such a ship, as they are purest crystalline consciousness.





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