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Dolphin Pendant mini

Sarai-Ala and the Dolphins

channelled by Kyria Deva


Beloved, I am Sarai-Ala, a Unicorn from the higher dimensions of light, and I am coming with my beloved brothers and sisters, the dolphins and nature beings of the higher order. For comparison: just as angels and guardian angels are with humans, we are with the animal kingdom, the whole creation. But we also have close contact to you, to the human beings!

When we, the Unicorns, left this Earth, the understanding between humans, animals and the entire creation came to a standstill – the mutual understanding – and therefore mankind no longer considered itself as part of nature
The humans were no longer one with the cycle. They no longer felt the unity with the animal kingdom. They were no longer able to communicate with the animal kingdom and the plants. In this way humans have alienated themselves from this beautiful creation.

There is a key from me in each of these small crystals: the communication, the gateway to the understanding between humans and creation! By hanging it up in your home, you will have more understanding, yes, you will keep a gateway open within you to communicate. When an animal wears it, it will always be lovingly accompanied by a nature deva. And when the nature deva realises that this animal carries extraneous energies and that it needs the energies of the angels from the order of Michael, this deva will call upon the beloved Archangel Michael. Thus, the animal will be cleansed and freed from dark energies. It will always be lovingly accompanied.

And every now and then, I would like to say, dolphins come and visit this planet, spreading their delightful frequency and giving their joyful vibration to the animals.
And we, the Unicorns, have also found our way back to this Planet Earth that we left a long time ago. Our divine gift is: the gate to the world of the Unicorns. We stand for the eternal cycle, the eternal, renewing and rejuvenating cycle – the return, regeneration and rejuvenation.

And all energies causing decay and death are taken away as if by magic. The same goes for all animals that are injured in a particular way. We help them to heal these wounds that seemed incurable and give the possibility to rejuvenate, to return to the cycle.

Hence these energies were also active in the times of Atlantis, there was a temple of rejuvenation and regeneration.
Our loving energies were present there. And you are hereby opening gateways to our realm.

It is excellent for plants and all nature devas. You could hang it up in your garden or place it on various spots. It also transfers the energy of Oneness within all creation to your plants rebounding everything to its cycle. Not too much and not too little!
Parasites, as you call them, are only harmful when they appear in large masses. A little bit here and there is never harmful, only when the energy accumulates excessively.
We can restore that unity within the cycle in which everything has its reason for being.

The higher Earth's vibration will be, the higher those beings, like the parasites, will vibrate – slowly but surely. And they will develop the ability to directly absorb energies themselves and not through other living creatures.
We, the Unicorns, elucidate the entire nature how best to return to this wonderful, harmonious cycle. We tell it all nature devas in order to restore the perfect harmony, to come full circle, to unite everything in a wonderful, joyful, charming dance of life. And there is nothing too much or too little as one gives a helping hand to the other! Everything is connected with each other!

You might say, parasites can only learn from you. They learn from you how to draw strength directly out of the energies of creation – in a direct way, no detours, so to say. They will learn how to become independent, to be one's own master and not to be dependent on the energies of others.
One could say, parasites basically envy your independence. Therefore, send them love and light so that they may change and transform into a higher order and be able to rejoin the circle of life in which every living thing plays an important role, where no one wants to take away anything from the other one or inflict any harm. Yes, it is not even necessary as there is always plenty for everyone!
Parasites derive from the poverty consciousness of humanity.
"There is not enough for everyone, that´s why I have to take it away from others!"
You, however, can infinitely give them love and redeem that consciousness in the morphogenetic field, in the thought program!
And we give you the key and place it in your heart – may you radiate the unity and harmony of Earth's whole cycle and the whole creation.

So be it.
Be blessed from our world! Be loved! Feel how we are connected and how grateful we are that you take care of this creation!
So be it. Amen.





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