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Dolphin Sphere

Sirian Dolphin Devas

channelled by Kyria Deva


We are the Sirian dolphin devas and we are gathering around you in large numbers. We are bathing you in a sea of light, an ocean of light. It is flooding everything around you and within you. You may let yourself go and allow your soul to soar free, you may leave everything behind. Simply submerge, regain your energy and enjoy a time out, as you call it, from your daily routine. Allow yourself to drift, to float gently and to be lulled to sleep. In your dreams we will accompany you to a land beyond all coldness, beyond any struggle, beyond any hardness, to a land of light and lightness. We open your senses to this world existing beyond your horizon.

Go beyond this horizon with us. We will carry you. Cross the threshold. And when you cross the threshold of your everyday consciousness, it will expand and you will flow in your emotions. When your emotions turn into Light, you will feel cozy and safe. You will feel accepted, uplifted, loved and embraced. You will feel embedded within the love of friends, brothers and sisters, that we are to you. You may let go, let yourself drift in the sea of emotions – as in reality emotions are like water. When your emotions are pure, gentle, harmonious, you are able to let go; you may immerse in further dimensions of perception. Then you are not frightened of unpleasant surprises as fears will manifest and be reflected in your dreams or even during meditations in many different forms.

We assist you in harmonizing all those emotions within you, we bring light into the darkness, we warmly enwrap you and carry you into the next dimension and again into the next one. We bring you across the threshold where you may let go and immerse. You will dare to lift the veil as you feel protected and realize: Beyond this world is a world of wonders awaiting you. All dark emotions float away in the waters of these wonderful emotions, they are cleansed and drift away, for you let it all go, you simply forget them.

Forget all hardness, coldness, all the pain and burdens. And when you are able to forget, you are also able to let go. You cross this threshold with us into the world of wonders that lies beyond. A world of miracles unfolds beyond this reality – the endless marvels of God. We, the dolphins, represent the miracles of God. Miracles in your life. We carry them across the threshold. When the Light breaks through into your world, the wonders of God will manifest.

We help you to be free. It is ideal for people who desperately cling to their intellect, and who cannot overcome their old emotions. Strictness, envy, jealousy, bitterness – all those callous feelings they hold on to in their tough daily lives. They cannot cross the threshold as they have built this wall of emotions around them. And we gently make them flow, allow them to be released, we harmonize them in a way in which everything feels safe. Before you know it, it all immerses in a realm of wonderful emotions of light or as you call it: "floating gently". It reaches such hardened people in a very subtle, subconscious way. And before they can even think, it happens, they can let go and unwind.

In the same manner we reach animals and children, and by the way, they are very open to such a gentle therapy, to energy work. They do not control it with their mind or consciousness, they receive access via their subconscious and in a wonderful, illuminated way we provide that access to regions where people often would not dare to go. We will find the door where they would not expect it or sense it, we detect the gateway to their subconscious and to their being. We have immediate and direct contact to animals and children as their door is always open.

It is ideal for treating and reaching children, even for those who cause difficulties and cannot cope well with the rough daily life on this planet, who feel lost in any form whatsoever. And it is beneficial for animals as it is connected with all nature devas, all animal devas and all elemental beings of light. This sphere opens a gate to Mother Earth's creation. It also opens a gate deep inside your heart to this creation reconciling you with it. It releases everything from you that you have done to creation. It heals all wounds in creation and also within you – cruelties to creation, and we assist you in healing and redeeming that wound, thereby increasing people's understanding for animals. Humans will feel more love and compassion. They will look for solutions that are reasonable for everyone, for humans, animals and the entire creation – may all become One. And so be it, Beloved Ones.

The gift that we, the dolphin devas, give to you is our love for you and for the whole creation.

In the name of the Father, in our name and in the name of the Holy Spirit who has woven this net of life – everywhere, all-encompassing. The entire creation is One. And so it is. Amen.





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