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Dragon Sphere

Merialon "The Winged Dragon"

channelled by Kyria Deva


Beloved Children of Melchisedek, this is Merialon, bearer of God's living Primordial Flame of Creation, brother of Dorean, the Golden Dragon of Sirius.
You might say I am the father of all dragons. Merialon who carries the fire of the universe within, billions and billions of years old, having seen eons and eons of tides come and go. However, God's Primordial Flame of Creation never extinguishes. My existence lasts from eternity to eternity and to all eternity.

I rekindle the holy Flame of Creation resting in your Root Chakra. The vital artery of the spirit that sets your mind ablaze, lifting you to the highest dimensions. The highest Divinity will be ignited in your consciousness, the Primordial Flame of Life within you, the primal existence within.
The Primordial Flame accompanies you from existence to existence until it leads you back to the higher consciousness, to your Primordial Consciousness – back to the origin – the Alpha and Omega of your evolution! It is the aim of the spirit to elevate itself and to vibrate higher from eternity to eternity, following the Divine Heart in the eternal cycles of creation.

Fire is cast upon this Earth to purify her and to elevate her. It is the Holy Fire that rekindles her supreme consciousness and continues to lead her down her path.
A fire storm of the spirit is sweeping over this globe. Let yourself be caught by this Divine Fire and be pure. May the Holy Fire be rekindled within you!
It burns all inferior emotions and raises you to the Holiness of the Spirit, purifies and lifts you, drags you upwards, envelops you, warms you and gives you a new existence.

The fire of the dragons brings all fears to a standstill. You will master all your fears to encounter the dragon with love. Then you are the master!
We help you to defeat all your fears as we ignite the Holy Flame within you and you will feel and know - you are sustained. Your existence is renewed in the Holy Spirit. The Flame of Creation is within, which means that wherever you go or stay, you are able to lay a new foundation for your existence – without fear, without worries, without a thought of plight, misery or poverty.
As the Holy Flame sets your powers of creation ablaze and illuminates your consciousness:
I am the creator of my life!

It grants you the ability to create a new base on the Holy Divine Flame, it helps you manifest. Manifestation powers are activated within you. The primordial ground underneath you begins to come alive. The sleeping dragon awakens and you realize: I am sitting on its head, I am sitting upon it, I am the king of the dragon – it is the winged dragon!
And the dragon serves you. It is the awakening of the Kundalini powers!
The dragon looks into your Third Eye and sees the purity of heart and then he serves you. It is your dragon.
The pure of heart shall see God. Then the dragon will serve you. Dragon and humans are One, as dragons are always connected with creation, with manifestation in creation. They are the bearers of the living flame, the Flame of Life, the Divine Flame!

Do not be afraid, Beloved Ones. Welcome the awakening of the Holy Flame within you.

I, Merialon, the forefather, the King Dragon, am with you!
Humanity shall awaken!!
The fire of the dragons shall be lit.
The fire engulfs all that is not from God, and yet it raises all that is born in purity and that lives in purity.
Therefore, go into the purity of heart and realise the pure intentions of the dragon forces!

Those who chasten their dragon are masters, and all beings will serve and obey them. As they are in God and God is with them!

And I, Merialon, give you strength, power, perseverance and stability. Yes, my fire never extinguishes. Therefore, it is endurance and steadfastness. Be rekindled and stay rekindled. So that you may not cool on your path, so that your heart may not grow cold but always be warmed, always enlightened and always luminous!
And I protect you. Dragons are protective powers.
I am connected with Melchisedek, High Priest from Eternity.

My fire is like the blood in your veins: Vibrant and always warm, all-purifying. We are the blood of the universe, the dragons. The fire of our love is like the blood of the universe: Pure, pulsating and all-permeating, keeping everything alive.
And my flight is from one end of the universe to the other: Tirelessly, all-connecting, all-sustaining, all-renewing, serving and worshipping God from Eternity to Eternity.

I have seen the endless creation of worlds and with great awe before the Throne!

And so be it. In the name of the Highest, in the name of us dragons and in the name of the Holy Spirit.



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