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Prism Sphere "Dewdrops of Mother Mary"

Mother of God

channelled by Kyria Deva


Spiritual View:

I´m floating through the firmament and I can see a funnel of light, narrow at one end and with a free end at the other. We are being spirally sucked into the narrow part, into a vacuum, and catapulted in unimagined heights by this funnel. We are in a sphere filled with colours and light; we are falling into this sphere and floating on a bed of clouds. I can see a paradise with wonderful flowers, trees, rivers and lakes. And I feel that we communicate telepathically in this sphere. The energies of our body are subtle, crystalline and we can simply let go, leave everything behind and be ourselves. Yes, I would even say it is a playful get-together, happy – and I can see that we are also able to get around telepathically, we are able to fly, to let go and we are falling on a soft and cozy bed – we simply are what we are and we imagine what we would like and we will get it – beautiful and of child-like purity, happy and joyful – a sphere which we often visit in our deep sleep to recharge our energy, to breathe the energy, regain our strength.

Now I can see the Divine Mother accompanied by many angels. She is standing on an elevation holding the Prism Sphere. Dewdrops are falling onto our Third Eye through the prism's numerous facets and she is smiling. I am transported back to Earth and those dewdrops are weaving threads of light around Earth; they protect and envelope it. Now I can see them in front of our Third Eye, how they enlighten us and illuminate our inner eye. So be it.


Mother Mary:

Beloved children of my heart, I imbue this wonderful Prism Sphere with the loving energies of the Rainbow Sphere. It brings this sphere to you. Rooms shall be suffused with heavenly radiance, fairytale-like, as if a little carried away and yet in the here and now. It is like in your childhood dreams - it touches you softly and tenderly, elevates you. The tenderness of my love sways you, warmly enwraps you and swirls around you – this gentle caress. You may regain your energy over and over again in these rooms by day and by night, as if enraptured, as if enchanted – fairytale-like and yet real. Slipping over, drifting over and yet being in the here and now both at the same time as one and your heart will be moving, billowing. Yes, all your cells will be softly moving, vibrating, just like a leaf dancing in the wind. I will shower your rooms with flowers, the finest scents shall pervade them, peace and tranquility shall return to you:

"Be peaceful, be completely calm.
Everything is all right and everything will be fine.
Life is a game.
Life leads you to the goal.
In this child-like splendour it is accomplished."

It enchants every room creating a little palace – abundance within you and with you, like a little fairy-tale castle, yet real. Yes, the children of my love shall be on a bed of roses and I will bestow gentle wings on them, they shall have everything they wish for. And you will succeed! Every creation arising from your heart will succeed. You cannot fail. Your steps will be guided. You shall walk on clouds. That is the nature of my motherly love. It envelops you in this billowing fragrance, this play of colours, the softness and tenderness and you are carried aloft on gentle wings like in your most wonderful dreams – the finest essences. My gift to you is dewdrops from heaven: A manifested dewdrop of my love. You may call this Prism Sphere: "Dewdrops of Mother Mary" and so be it.

Be blessed in my love, in the love of the Father, the Son and in my love. Amen.





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