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Shiva Energy Pearl

Kyrie Shiva

channelled by Kyria Deva


This is a mighty Crystal Angel and for you my name is Kyrie Shiva. I raise the energy of transformation to the higher level, from one dimension to another. My transformational energy aligns you to the highest realms: Elevates you stage by stage. You may call these water pearls "Crystal Pearls of Shiva-Energy" as they raise the vibration of all cells in your body stage by stage, transform it from one dimension to the next – gently.

Yes, "I shall transform the face of the Earth", speaks the Holy Spirit. The beginning is within you and shall expand to your quantum level. Your energy level shall be raised softly, stage by stage, and yet there are no stages – it is simply transformed into a higher state. Your vibration will be continually raised.

In this way, shadows are gently released and integrated in this process. It is more of a working together with the entities, since they may also be redeemed. Good or evil no longer exists, there is simply the process of redemption. Our energy is so powerful that it simply takes everything with it – do not differentiate but elevate it all. you might call it a cleansing bath for the body, an inner cleansing bath.

I am connected with Shiva, the great transformer of all times, all worlds. Leave the battle behind and enter the realm of love which attracts everything to his heart and transforms it. God never rejects a being, unless it separates itself. God draws everything towards His heart and raises everything, unless a spirit rejects being lead into the light. Your light will be so mighty that all beings trying to beset you will decide for themselves whether to grasp your hand or leave you (even in the microcosm of the body). Allow them to move on peacefully as they will follow the same path as you but at another time. Lay down your sword and raise yourselves, draw everything towards your hearts, to the heart of God. Simply let it go, everything is all right and is going to happen at the right time. Simply raise yourself. It is already happening. Envelope everything that tries to beset you in this energy. You may always call upon me and you shall experience how the other being decides for itself. Since your light is more powerful, becomes stronger and stronger, you know very well that nothing can ever beset you again. Nothing can be taken away from you, nothing can harm you as you are able to transform it. You may give the energy of transformation from our world, from our world of the crystal light, to everything that steps into your circle of light.

Your body also intends to experience this transformation. Now realize that you are only the guest in your body, therefore treat it with awe and your body shall serve you, it shall shine again. Yes, it shall be able to emit light from all its cells – a powerful radiance.

Feel my energy in your hearts, feel the connection to unconditional love. Unconditional means that you set no conditions to others – simply accept it and integrate it in your process – then you shall experience how the other being decides itself and also the entire Earth. Earth has decided to follow the path of ascension, the path of transformation, and so be it. Amen.


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