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Pearl of Grace from Mother Mary
Eternal Light of Grace for your Soul

Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary

channelled by Kyria Deva


Archangel Raphael precedes Mother Mary and speaks:

Beloved Light Soul, Mother Mary comes into this time and space. I precede her and prepare the path together with the unicorns. Illuminated heavenly hosts stream in and sing to the glory of God. The Seraphim of God, the fire angels of pure love, enwrap her, for Mother Mary is the Queen of the Angels. She comes out of the highest primordial light.

She was born here on Earth out of the Heart of God, so that she could live amongst you as a human being. Her heart, her soul and her spirit exists eternally and are connected with every single person on this Earth, for she is the divine mother of your soul. As the mother of the highest child of light, she stepped onto Earth with her radiating light robe. Yes, her light robe encompasses the entire Earth. The flow of grace streams out of the highest light. She gives each of you the light of grace. It is the light of grace out of the heart of Mother Mary, which she places into your heart.


Mother Mary, the Queen of the Angels, speaks:

I, Mother Mary, greet you, beloved Souls of Light. I am the mother of wonderful love and the Seraphim proceed me, the fire angels of love. They are infused with the Love of God. Their hearts burn for the love to all that is. The hearts of the Seraphim burn with love when they see you, for they love you endlessly, eternally.

My heart burns and is ignited in the love to this Earth, to this humanity. Whatever humanity may have done or destroyed, I say to you: my love is mightier, more powerful, for this love will incessantly renew everything. Therefore, this is a day of renewal of love in your heart. It means the renewal of your bond of love to the animals, the plants, to humanity, to the entire Earth and especially to us, the heavenly beings.
Allow yourself to be inflamed. This love will burn away all the old. The old must leave in order for the new to emerge. Just as flowers will grow again one year later on the battlefields of war of this Earth, so too will this happen in your soul. Let go of the pain! Give them to the flaming heart of my love! Give me your wounds. Give them to the Seraphim, those fire beings who transform your soul, so that you can shine and radiate and allow joy to return.

The light of grace that I give the Earth today is a light that will guide you through the darkness. Think of my light of grace during the darkest hour of your soul. When your soul is covered in darkness, think of this light of grace, ignite it anew in your heart and call on me, Mother Mary! In an instant I will open the doors and gates of heaven.

I guarantee you: heaven always has an answer. We illuminated beings always know a solution. There is always a way and we, the angels, will guide you.

This light of grace will give you trust: trust that you will be guided in every moment of your life. With my light in your heart, you have nothing to fear or be afraid of. I am the light in the darkness and will light your way. I am the grace in your hour of need. I am the healing force of your soul. I am the wonder of God that rocks your heart.

My burning heart ignites your heart and ignites all of those people today who wish to have this love. My heart is open for all people. I transfer my blessing into these Pearls of Grace.
The choir of angels and all illuminated beings bless you. You are forever in our hearts, because love lasts eternally. The body will go but the soul persists and ascends.
So it is, Beloved Ones.
I, Mother Mary, bless you and the entire Earth. Amen





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