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Unicorn Pendant
The Divine Matrix of the Unicorn Devas

Unicorn Devas and Lightlord Metatron

channelled by Kyria Deva


Words from the Unicorn Devas from the Rainbow Sphere:

We are the Unicorn Devas from the Rainbow Sphere, from the divine realms, from the Garden of Eden. Thousands and thousands of us flood this Earth with heavenly joy. Portals are opening up everywhere on this Earth allowing us, the Unicorns, to stream in and return in great heavenly joy. We come and flood everything down to the core of the Earth with heavenly scents, colours, essences, with our love, joy and the light from the heavenly gardens.

The Archangels open the portals and we Unicorns flood this Earth. Lightlord Metatron has established a new divine matrix on this Earth for us Unicorn Devas. Up to now only individual humans have created light portals for us Unicorns. The time has now come where Lightlord Metatron has opened a new matrix for us across the entire Earth.


Words from Lightlord Metatron:

A wonderful and joyful light vibration is surrounding you. The love and the joy of the Unicorns are like small rainbow angels from a children's paradise. They flood this Earth with their rainbow light. Stardust follows them as well as precedes them.
Together with me they erect a new divine matrix here on this Earth. Just as you build traffic networks and streets on this Earth or as you create internet connections, so do the Unicorns flood and infuse this Earth with a new divine light matrix. Matrices and light channels are installed in the ethers of this Earth, in the consciousness of humanity, so that the Unicorns can return once again to Earth. They will accompany you all in great numbers with their paradisiacal radiance and heavenly salutations, just as the guardian angels do.

They bring with them the eternal life in the garden of paradise. They come by the thousands to fulfil their tasks, namely to give back to the Earth the divine matrix that comes out of my heart, to fill all with the heavenly eternal life and radiance. In this way the Earth will shine even more.

Every new matrix that is manifested on this Earth is observed from our dimension. As such, the Earth begins to radiate and shine like the stars in the firmament do. Just as a new born child shines for humanity, so shines the Earth in the universe. The Unicorns bring this new birth, this early spring. They were tasked by the Goddesses to come to this Earth and revive creation on Earth, to awaken all from their winter sleep with a kiss, to nurture all with the heavenly divine seeds. They embody and bring with them the rebirth of the garden of paradise.

They are there for everyone who is open for them. Perhaps a person reads something or sees a picture of a unicorn and then the Unicorns will be there that very moment.

Everyone who carries this Unicorn Pendant strengthens this new matrix and helps to spread this heavenly paradisiacal vibration through their personal light channel. Through their heart portal, they allow the light of the Unicorns to flood this Earth.

These Unicorns are beings of highest purity. They are more powerful then you can imagine. Just as your Earthly horses represent the strength of the Earth and boisterous wild living, the Unicorns are like the early spring breaking out, full of drive and power.
They help you to rejuvenate all with eternal life out of the heavenly dimensions. In this way, you receive the strength to follow your earthly path each and every day.
They come to those with an open heart to fill them with the purity and radiant strength of the heavens. They bestow upon your hearts the daily drive and motivation to powerfully fulfil your undertakings.
They open and expand your physical bodies to receive the light. They consider every cell a heavenly blossom and infuse them with their heavenly purity, immersed in eternal life.

The Unicorns spread their divine presence. They always come in a group as a light family for they love to be social. Wherever they are there is heavenly and playful joy.
They encourage humanity and awaken the purity and child-like innocence of being. They divert your thoughts away from the darkness. They help people out of their sadness and qualms of the soul by immediately opening light portals into their soul presence, erecting the divine matrix of the Unicorns within and bringing the light of the garden of paradise back into their souls. The souls can blossom in the garden of paradise, protected by the Archangels and the Divine Mother. Your soul is a playing field for the Unicorns.

They call upon the Pegasus Unicorns and exchange experiences with them, for the Pegasus Unicorns also follow these light channels on this Earth. The Pegasus Unicorns work together with them and give you the wings of lightness. The Unicorns strengthen your power so that you remain strong and steadfast in love and follow your true path every day. The Pegasus Unicorns raise your hearts and accompany you, allowing you to move forward faster in this light energy.

The Unicorns give you a more illuminated and joyous grounding because they are able to infuse you with uplifting energy right here in this Earthly realm. They affect your energy bodies and physical body with their lightness and power of regeneration, their infusing light of eternal life and especially with their joy of life. They communicate with each and every cell that they joyfully awaken.
They are loving friends and companions, just as your guardian angels are, and bring gentleness and warmth into your souls. Fine, rainbow-coloured light floods your chakras, energy bodies and your entire soul body over time and space, for the soul bodies connects with all dimensions and realms of being.
The soul body is a fine spun light fabric that mirrors and represents your divine "I AM" flame on all dimensions and realms of being. Unicorns are true power animals for your soul, for they vibrate in the same dimension where your soul body lingers. They bring eternal life back into your consciousness and they raise your gaze from the sadness of this world to the light of the higher evolved star races and gardens of paradise. They bring the garden of paradise directly into your aura, your soul bodies, your spaces and back to the entire Earth.

The Unicorns of the garden of paradise have asked me, Metatron, in the thousands, to erect a divine matrix for them so that they can follow the light channels in order to fill the Earth with their joy, their scent, tones and colours from the garden of paradise.
And so it is.


Lightlord Metatron speaks about the nature of the Unicorns in a further channelling:

Unicorns are wild and don't allow themselves to be captured and harnessed for your ego, but rather exclusively serve the purity of your divine heat, your purest of your heart's intentions and connection to the higher light dimensions.
They fill you with their joy, with the eternal life of the heavenly paradises, with light, sounds and the colour rays. They bolster your manifestations with the heavenly energy of eternal life.

Just as earthly animals were given to humanity for joy, companionship, strength and protection, so too are the Unicorns light companions and heavenly power animals from the light realms that accompany you. They are completely loyal and full of forgiveness. Loyalty also implies the power of endurance, stamina and the strength to see earthly projects through to their end.

Unicorns help earthly animals that have been assigned to humanity. You may ask the Unicorns to act on behalf of your animals and companions with their power of light. They are willing to revive and fill all animals and all of creation with their light.






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