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Preparation for the Opening of the Diamond Portal of Eternal Grace 11*11*11

Lightlord Metatron

channelled by Kyria Deva

November 1, 2011


We connect with Lightlord Metatron, the enlightened Masters and Lady Masters and activate a Diamond Portal for the whole Earth.

Today powerful energies of grace and salvation are flowing to you personally and to the entire Earth. Your Divine radiance will be rekindled and intensified. You yourself are the Diamond Portal of Eternal Grace.

Words of Lightlord Metatron given for 11-11-11:

We open a Diamond Portal of Eternal Grace for the entire humankind today. It radiates far beyond this Earth, and everyone who is ready may connect with it, may pass through it.

I, Metatron, greet you from the depth of my heart, from my deepest Divine being. Here is a temple of light. Together you have opened the portals today, which means: The light that is kindled here today with your willingness will propagate across the entire Earth, as in this vibration there are no boundaries, there is neither time nor space. You will enter the dimension of eternity and Divine infinity - it will spread across this planet and shine out into the universe.

Innumerous planets of light will answer you, suns and stars of eternity. They will smile at you, send you frequencies of the heart and of love, light impulses and say: "We know ascension is going to fulfill itself, it is going to happen. From our point of view it has already happened. We can see the Golden Age on Earth. It is already there. It is founded in your hearts, it is initiated. Your hearts are one with us."

Suns and stars are shining on you and around you, Beloved Ones, a circle of enlightened Lady Masters and Masters: 12 are around you and I, Metatron, am in the middle. 12, the number of perfection on Earth, and 12 x 12 ascended Lady Masters and Masters who are surrounding you, raising your vibration.

Yes, Beloved Ones, we came for you. It seems to be a small group, and yet a chosen flock, chosen souls that were brought together.

High Priest Melchizedek is coming towards you; he is giving you his blessings from his power of light, from his Divine power, he is freeing and cleansing you from all energies of the past, from entities that do not belong to you, that do not belong to the light frequency of your Divinity. It is his blessing for you in his Divine power. He is touching every single one of you on your head, letting his frequency flow through you, setting you entirely free. Simply let everything go with ease. Most of the time, Beloved Ones, you drag dark energies into your aura due to your self-evaluation or self-assessment.

I'm telling you: The love within you is so mighty, so all-powerful, that it is no longer necessary to burden yourself with low-vibrating energies which are not even here, they do not exist on Earth yet.

You walk through a crowd of people, let's say when you go shopping, and there are a lot of different energies around. The truth is, you have no resonances with them when you walk through them with your heart, when you focus on your innermost being, on your Divinity and bless all people: A quick impulse of love "I bless everyone in here". You have this power of light and this radiance to bless thousands with just one thought of light, because thousands of angels are with you - they are at your side.

This is the time of the Holy Spirit, and it begins here: The people of light are awakening and they will return to their power – so it is, here and now.

The mighty portal of the Holy Spirit of the New Age is now open, a portal of the power of light of the Divine people that will be manifested in the hearts of the ready souls. They are awakening everywhere on Earth. This has always been the plan: The souls of light shall spread in order to open the channels. You are the living, Divine channel - the living, walking portals of light for this Earth.

They are here, the various Lady Masters and Masters, the Enlightened Ones who themselves ascended on this planet, and who know of all your earthly issues. That is why they are so close to you. They are not detached or out of reach, they are with you, they speak with you directly from sister to sister, brother to brother, they send you their strength to overcome everything with more ease.

Take it easier, shake off the burden on your shoulders, entrust them to us. Let all the heaviness go, earthen heaviness. It does not belong to you anymore. Over thousands of years your soul has gotten used to carry the burdens on Earth. Very often you carried it for others. You wanted to carry them into the kingdom of heaven.

Now the portal is open, and therefore it is essential that every heart decides for itself – and this, Beloved Ones, is a decision you cannot make for them. Pass through yourself, just like today, then you are an example, a pioneer of light who paves the way. It will become easier and clearer for the successors and the generations to come.

A leap of consciousness is about to happen, and you have already made it in your innermost being. Let the old burdens go, walk with a spring in your step, stand upright, be as light as an angel, spread your wings. Walk on in this heavenly joy, in this connection, as it is now. Nothing can happen to you except for the golden future that sends its greetings, that we lay at your feet.

Do not think so much, do not have so many worries. What will happen to this or that one when the vibration rises? What will happen to my son or daughter? What will happen to my brother? They are connected with you from heart to heart - and there is grace. Your heart sends out the frequency of grace, and they may connect. Have faith in God's grace. Have faith that many things will be redeemed by grace, that many things will be healed.

The world needs all your love and attention today. You can see that people are being shaken everywhere on Earth, they are facing disasters. They more and more learn that nothing can be controlled, absolutely nothing. Everything runs through their fingers like sand. The mighty powers become powerless, the foundation upon which they built is cracking. No stone remains where it was when the Holy Spirit descends.

However, you are in the flow of light. You have already settled on the new basis, landed on the New Earth, on the light vibration of the New Earth - you shall rest on a new, Divine basis. Lord Sananda establishes his golden kingdom.

He – the Master of Masters – is stepping forward and says:

From the bottom of my heart I welcome you in my realm of eternal love, my kingdom of heart, where the love of God rules, like everywhere else in the universe, the primal laws of God, God's grace. You are the harbingers of this age. Have deeper and deeper faith. Even when Earth is shaken, it is necessary for the people in order to awaken. Old controls will disappear. Only those will find stability who have connected themselves in their hearts, they will find inner peace, they will be in harmony, they will be in happiness and in clarity.

Therefore, have faith that you are always guided to the right place, at the right time; have faith that you will get Divine inspiration – and if it was necessary, Beloved Ones, we would take you away. Have deep faith in this Divine All-love. So it is.

You cannot imagine what it means for this Earth, what great gift it is that you give to humankind. You carry the key in your hearts for this New Earth. You open the portals wherever you go. Each chakra is an open portal of eternal grace.


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