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Grace and Resurrection

Jesus Christ

channelled by Kyria Deva

January 2012



Meditation – Introduction

The diamond flower of life within the heart of Metatron ignites in our own hearts. Brilliant light connections, that transcend time and space, eternal light connections activate themselves and radiate. Within us, the space within us, to our light families, to our light sisters and brothers, to the angels and archangels, Seraphim, Cherubim, to all illuminated Light Beings.

And this diamond flower of life is multi-dimensional and begins to move within us, in our hearts, releases the old and expands outwards. It expands outwards and opens our throat chakra and our solar plexus. With every breath we breathe light out of the primordial spheres, out of the temple of God within us and the diamond flower of life expands outwards with every breath. The space within us – expands out into our etheric and emotional bodies and vibrates like a multi-dimensional Merkaba within us cleanses everything in this light frequency. It grows with every breath, becomes more brilliant and intense as does our connection to the primordial sun. And to the heart of earth, to the inner sun which radiates more, becomes more clear and stronger, illuminating, powerful.

And we continue to breathe in the light and the diamond flower of life expands outwards and opens our third eye, vibrates intensely and into the sacral chakra. Expands outwards, increases its brilliance and this Merkaba activates even more powerfully, this multi-dimensional diamond Merkaba, the diamond light-vehicle of Metatron, the diamond cube is activated within us. And expands to the crown and base chakra. And we place everything into it. Things old, past, experiences from the past. And they are no longer real, they are the past, meaning they have no effect in the here and now unless we allow their energy to come here. The past is the past. And so we send a diamond flower of life back into the past, back to those areas of experience, allow the diamond light-vehicle of Metatron to do its work, the purest primordial irradiating power, the purest primordial creative power.

Today Jesus the Christ would like to work within us.

I, Jesus Christ, am deeply merged with you, especially with your old suffering matrix, the matrix of suffering that you have lived and always recalled and reactivated. Always when something has come up in you're here and now that brings you to remembering, then it is activated this old matrix of suffering which is embedded down to the cell frequency, that is buried so deep in humanity that your own bodies also had to feel the pain. This matrix of suffering is so deep that it has infused everything within you. It is the suffering of being separated, of being disconnected, which brings up the pain in you.

And so my redemption energy, my redemption frequencies, will flow through this diamond Flower of Life. And the old matrix of suffering is immersed and suffused with these Grace and Redemption frequencies. See how the Grace and Redemption frequencies flow in all of your bodies, countless connections to this matrix of suffering are now irradiated with the diamond Flower of Life, in the resurrection light frequency of my heart, because in me is the full redemption frequency that will raise all this pain and lead it into the resurrection. This is my true Master Frequency whereby I have the Authority given from the Heart of the Highest. And for this I was also lowered down into suffering so that you need not be alone, so that you know that you can call on me, the Resurrected One, Jesus Christ, the Redeemer, to be with you and in every moment, so that no pain regardless of how deep, will repel me, because I went through the deepest spheres, through the deepest of deep suffering in order to lead it all up into the resurrection.

And so I carry this Power within me, this Power of Redemption. And it was a deep desire of my absolute love to do this. My absolute love for you dear ones, for every single soul, for you over everything dear soul, for you over everything dear light brother and light sister of eternity. And so you may claim this love for you and allow it to work through you in its full divine effectiveness, to let it flow into the deepest depths of your Being, to flow down to the most perplexed corner of your soul to absorb the Resurrection Matrix of my Heart, to be absolutely welcome down into your deepest parts of your being to where you yourself no longer wanted to look down into – here is where I enter and there is nothing that I will shy away from. No suffering is too deep, too large, too heavy. No pain can overcome the Blessedness of my Resurrection, my Resurrection Frequency.

And so I infuse deep within you the Frequency of the Resurrection and my Divine Glory in which I was resurrected and in which I invite all of you to enter through the portal of my heart, the portal of my Glory, my Blessedness. You are the resurrected Christ Consciousness, the evolving Glory of God on Earth. You are the resurrected Christ Consciousness, you step into the portal of my Heart, the Portal of Resurrection and you are all the evolving, living, resurrecting Christ Consciousness on Earth. The Light of the New Age, the Light of my Heart, the Light of the Heart of God. You are the hope of this Earth. You are the gate through which all will go through, where everything will be new-born, where you go and where you stand as I did when I walked the Earth, so are you. Light from true Light.

And these are the words from my Heart, from Jesus the Christ, and I am here today with my Kings Robe of the Resurrection and lay this Robe on all of you. So that you can taste my Glory, so that you can carry my Glory within you, my Kingdom that I am building in the souls. The Kingdom of the Holy Spirit, the Kingdom of the purest love. And so you are initiates and initiated ones of my Love and you have access to my Kingdom. And what I promise, so it is. My Love is valid through eternity.

My Kingdom remains open for you. Enter in and touch all the hearts in this Glory, in this illumination that you bath in. Touch all the hearts, irradiate the entire Creation, since the Creation seeks redemption like a thirsty earth that welcomes the dew and the raindrops from the Heavens. The Creation is seeking so desperately for Grace and Redemption. And you water the thirsty Earth wherever you go and stand. And you inflame the hearts of mankind simply through your presence in the Here and Now. Go in this simplicity, go in this lightness, go in this joy, in this irradiating power, in the understanding that it is, was and will be. From Eternity to Eternity. And each and every one of you will be cloaked in my Kings Robe.

And also here are the primordial Goddesses, Lady Nada, Mother Mary, High Priest Isis, Lady Kwan Yin, many Lady Masters and primordial Goddesses are here, they radiate down to you. And to open to you the Love of the entire Creation, to all that there is. And so it is.



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