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The Catastrophe in Japan

Lightlord Metatron

channelled by Kyria Deva

March 12, 2011



Spiritual View:

Along with the angels we are flying to Japan, we are forming a circle thus creating a powerful channel of light that we are maintaining with our energies. Many other souls who consciously meditate are coming with us. We are sending our light infinitely across the whole country and deep down into the Earth.

I can see the morphogenetic field of consciousness before the catastrophe. It is very dense like concrete, so hard and in a deep grey colour. Now, after the catastrophe it is beginning to become softer and more permeable. Programs are beginning to flow, light is able to penetrate. People are able to receive much more light, the entire consciousness is clearing.

Even our extraterrestrial brothers and sisters of light are helping and are affirming that they could hardly get through before the catastrophe, the morphogenetic laws and conditions were way too hard.

Should a reactor catastrophe occur, then it is necessary because otherwise people would quickly go over to their daily business and would not take the threat such technologies pose seriously and not reconsider, not rethink and reorientate.

Lord Metatron speaks: You are connected with your brothers and sisters in Japan through the fine fabric of the universal Flower of Life - they are going through serious times. Pray for their souls, may they open their hearts and step out of fear through this heart-opening so that solutions, possibilities, love, light and confidence from the Holy Spirit may flow in.

Beloved, when such catastrophes occur thousands and thousands of spaceships of the Galactic and Universal Brotherhood always gather over these areas raising up the souls as well as the souls who have to leave or are allowed to leave. Primarily they remove the energies of chaos, fear or destruction in order to transform them and to hurl them into space letting everything return to Universal Primordial Matter.

When you create powerful portals of light through deep meditations like now, the light of primordial creation may enter and rearrange everything at a higher level of consciousness as old energies will collapse in the chaos of this time. However, the higher light, which is entering now, is reorganizing everything at a higher level of the people's consciousness and in the entire surroundings and atmosphere.

Everything collapses at first when such a catastrophe occurs in order to be reborn.

It is the same with you when you decide to take the next step into a higher dimension of awareness; your entire old life may cave in. Friends you had are no longer here, they say goodbye, sometimes even your family. Your working place is suddenly gone, and for some it is their home. Old structures will descend into chaos. And yet at the same time everything rearranges itself and aligns itself to the Divine at a higher level of consciousness. When you consciously decide to take this step into a higher level, you will experience transformation in your life. When people do not consciously decide to do so, however, it is necessary to step forward, it can trigger an external disaster providing the possibility to open the heart.

This is always the most important thing: To open the heart, to immerge in the unified Heart Chakra, reconnect to the divine Primordial Source and to the heart of Mother Earth, which means being connected with the rhythm of creation, being in unison and in harmony with creation and All-That-Is.

When people distance themselves from natural cycles and harmony in creation, a catastrophe will occur at a certain remote point in time – be it outside or inside.

Now it is happening globally and directionally for the entire Earth as she wishes to realign herself at a higher level, return to divine order and the primordial cycles of the universe. Everything that has distanced itself from the harmonious laws of creation will be led back, returned to Divinity, brought to reflection and to the inner opening of the heart.

What you can see is that everywhere on Earth there are open hearts, caring human beings who share the sufferings of their brothers and sisters thus opening the hearts of the entire humankind, the entire consciousness of humankind and the light of Eternity. The light of the Primordial Suns will be able to enter more intensively and Earth will be able to breathe.

Far more important than every physical catastrophe that befalls you humans are the energetic conditions in which you live. When the energies are able to open themselves, when the heart of the entire humankind opens itself, everything begins to breathe again and the infinite breath of God moves Earth, gently and softly leading her in great love to a higher level of consciousness.

Hence such an external catastrophe brings forth creations of light, light for the entire humankind. Therefore, we advise you: Have always an open heart, activate the unified Heart Chakra to be connected and aligned to the rhythm of eternity, to the primordial cycles of the universe so that your life may be spared from any external catastrophe.

Every living being will be shaken up and woken up in various ways. No-one will be spared if you wish to say so. It is shaking you awake and it will finally lead you to a higher consciousness. Therefore, you may rejoice since you all know: The time has come.



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