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Guardian Angel

Archangel Metatron

channelled by Kyria Deva


Archangel Metatron speaks:


Beloved Soul of Light, your Guardian Angel was given to you out of the deepest love from the heart of God.

He is the representative of Father-Mother God in your life. He always represents the highest Will of God, for you and your life. Therefore, he is endowed with special powers of authority from the Divine Source. He is deeply devoted to you in his heart and stands for you as your representative and advocate before the Almighty Throne.

He is the companion of your soul and knows you more than you know yourself. He knows you deeper and more intimately than any human friend or partner. He loves you to the deepest depth of your soul and was given to you from out of the source, as a light companion spanning thousands of years of your worlds of experience.

He is the mediator between the source, the origin of light, the all-embracing love and you, wherever you may be.

Your soul light body has scattered itself over the millennia, but your Guardian Angel holds all the strings together. He makes sure that no aspect of the soul is ever lost. Without your Guardian Angel, without this attentive and faithful protector at your side, your soul would have fragmented and you could no longer find the way to your true light and to your light family.

Your Guardian Angel loves you to the deepest core. As soon as he assumes this office, he is one hundred percent ready for you. He does not flirt with other people or beings, or fancy any other divine tasks. He is turned towards you in infinite love and focuses on you with his whole light presence and on the evolutionary path of your soul, which he accompanies with his love. He cleanses your soul garment and cares for you. He is always with you.

Give him your attention by speaking to him: "Beloved Guardian Angel, let me see, feel, perceive you! Show me your signs!"

Your Guardian Angel has permission to intervene directly in your life, thus serving your higher light plan. Some have experienced miracles and said, "I was saved by a miracle in the last minute!"  This is the work of the Guardian Angel.

Your Guardian Angel continuously connects you to the source and maintains this connection. Even if you dive down into the deepest dimensions, he is ready to lead you back again as soon as you ask him to.

Your Guardian Angel walks the path ahead of you so that you can see the way. He is the light in the darkness. He is the pillar of fire in the night. He is the warmth in a cold place and makes sure that the light of your soul burns eternally, that the flame of your divinity never goes out. He guards your divine flame like the greatest treasure of the universe, as if his own existence depends on it.

He guides you through the heavenly school and helps you to complete your life plan and for this, he brings the situations and the people to you. He whispers comfort to you and encourages you to stand up again and to move forward. He always shows you the way of love and that love is always the solution.

Speak with your Guardian Angel as you would to a good friend and he will answer you, because he has the permission to make himself aware to you.

Your Guardian Angel connects you with the higher Choirs of Angels and with the Heart of God. He is the mediator and the messenger. You can entrust him with everything, for he neither evaluates nor judges.

He can send you the divine help that you need right now. He can take on the qualities of God that serve you at this very moment. You can always ask him: "Beloved Angel of my soul, who can help me now?" And your Guardian Angel will bring you these helpers. He knows all about the heavenly hierarchies, the higher dimensions of light, he knows the celestial specialists.

Your Guardian Angel rises above and over time and space. He sees the past and the future in one. As soon as he recognizes that you are going astray, he will use all his authorities to lead you back into the light-filled realms.

There are souls who have been separated from their Guardian Angel through black magic rituals. You can now ask that these rituals be dissolved and nullified so that your Guardian Angel can get an intensive contact with you again. You can ask that all blocks between you and your Guardian Angel be lifted today. Maybe you have doubted the existence of your Guardian Angel.

What does your Guardian Angel protect? He protects the path of your soul so that your soul doesn't get lost in the darkness. He also protects you from earthly dangers and shows you the path ahead so that you can advance with joy and ease. He opens doors for you and leads helpful people to you.

Now you can reunite with your Guardian Angel deep in your heart. He ignites the light of your soul and holds your soul aspects together in a fine web of light. His protective wings protect your soul. He is the protective wall, in which your soul feels comfortable and embraced. Your Guardian Angel is your deepest, most trustworthy confidant of your soul and you have known him for thousands of years.

Some people have several Guardian Angels. Especially when you yourself are open to the path of light, you will get more angels at your side: an angel from the choir of angels from Archangel Michael, from Archangel Gabriel and from Archangel Raphael, an angel from all the choirs of archangels. You feel an angel from the choir of Archangel Michael as intensely as if Archangel Michael himself was standing next to you. The angels from the choir of Archangel Michael are so deeply interwoven with their task, that you cannot tell the difference between Archangel Michael himself or an angel from Michael's choir.

Your Guardian Angel is intensely engaged with his support work. He is one with you in since the beginning of your life. He is the light in the night for you, the joy of the day, the sun in your heart. You are his one and all. Your Guardian Angel loves you deeply and faithfully. He takes over his divine mission until you enter once again into your true family of light.

So it is.






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