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Light Wand of Saint Hildegard

The Light Physician of the Source embraces you
Heavenly light and healing frequencies
for your physical body and light body

channelled by Kyria Deva


Beloved, this is your Sister of Light, Saint Hildegard of Bingen.
It is my great joy to initiate these Light Wands in my radiant power.

It was my divine mission, it was my life's work from the heart of God, that I received the light of enlightenment that was bestowed upon me, that I received in many visions directly from the Source, from the All-Seeing Eye of God, in order to gift them to humanity and the Earth. I received direct instructions and inspirations daily for all life situations. I was to receive this wisdom, let it flow through me and pass it on. My inner eye was always directed towards the All-Seeing Eye of God, towards the source of all-wisdom and all-love.

God prompted me: Write down what I tell you and what you see. I was a scribe of the Source itself, a scribe and a physician of light. My divine abilities, which I received from the Source in that life, are now all the more powerfully present to you, for I work from the highest dimensions of light and therefore with even greater radiant power and the light of enlightenment.

I shower this light of enlightenment, these flames of enlightenment, upon you and upon these Light Wands. They lead you to purest knowledge, to divine wisdom. Divine science pours into these Light Wands. For it is my potential of light which I multiply through these Light Wands and thereby pass on to humanity in an even more manifested way.
My light is active in matter through these Light Wands and also in you. In that moment when you call me, I stand beside you in manifested form, guiding, directing and leading you. This happens with great care, tenderness and attentiveness. Just as I guided my novices with motherly care and like a high priestess with divine light consciousness. The fact that I am leading you in this way today has been brought about and tasked by the Heart of God, by His Holy Will.

These Light Wands bring - according to my powers of authority - well-being, health and healing power of heaven on all levels. They bring you the nourishment for your light body, which it needs so that it can heal. At the same time they give light nourishment for your physical body, the light frequencies and light information of all that your physical body now needs in healing frequencies and nourishment.

You humans have done a lot of research and therefore you have accumulated a lot of knowledge about physical functions and about all the substances that the body needs. However, even the most detailed science cannot fully comprehend the interrelationships or identify all substances that are relevant, because each body is individual. This is evident because every body acts and reacts individually due to the background of experience history, life circumstances, nutritional habits and energies of the place. The metabolic processes function individually.
This means: in the textbooks you get blanket statements about what the bodies need. It is good to take this in physically and to take care of the physical body comprehensively. But you can only really work comprehensively or complementarily through light frequencies and light information.
This Light Wand leads specifically those light frequencies to you that enable you to enter into a healthy and healing cycle of creation down to the physical level.
The Light Wand also supplies you with the missing elements in spiritual frequency as light information. It works like divine homeopathy and very concretely.

Call me with this prayer:
"Beloved Saint Hildegard, beloved light sister of heaven, come and give me the light and healing frequencies that my physical body and light body need right now. You have the overview and know exactly the colour and sound frequencies as well as the divine light information that lead my physical body and light body to healing."

During my lifetime, the divine will preoccupied me with accumulating knowledge of herbs, knowledge of gemstones, of all the healing powers of nature and passing them on to the people. This divine science is more important today than ever because it finds itself in direct harmony with divine creation. It is a fact that the medicinal plant world is always there for you and that for every illness on this Earth, a medicinal herb or a certain herbal mixture has grown, a natural medicine.
This knowledge and awareness is just being rediscovered right now. Since much is still lying fallow, it is good if you can absorb the light information, the frequencies of the medicinal plants that are helping you right now. I also transfer the healing powers of the gemstones as light frequencies into this Wand.

With this Light Wand, you call my power of authority to you. For example, touch your thymus gland or painful body parts with it.
Touch your Root Chakra with it so that the immune forces are strengthened, and the self-healing powers are activated. This Light Wand helps you to free the blockages of your self-healing powers, to strengthen and reactivate your immune system.

Many times the natural cycle of creation of your body has been blocked by external influences, by all kinds of toxins or stress. Many things from the outside of the world that penetrate into you, into your physical body, have a blocking effect.
This Light Wand helps you to expel all that is low vibrating. Go to the parts of your body (note: skin and orifices) that are meant to expel energies, to lead darkness out of your body. Ask that that which has a low vibration - meaning, that which is toxic, decaying, and sickening for your physical body - be expelled. Visualize how the vibrations in all your cells and quanta are raised. When the cells are vibrating high, they are invulnerable to low vibrations entering.

Often I have sat at the bedside of a sick person and just by my touch, the darkness went out of him and the light, the healing power, returned. This Light Wand acts as a touch, an embrace from me, your light physician, Saint Hildegard. I then look with my eye of enlightenment at the condition of the individuals. I have the authority to dissolve out darkness and negative entities that cause illness and to let the healing power and the light of the Source flow back.
This Light Wand refills the depots of your physical body with light. This means that it helps you to regenerate, and the missing healing frequencies are transferred almost automatically.

I, your beloved Sister of Light, Saint Hildegard, wish from the bottom of my heart that you may be completely healthy in body, mind and soul, that you may accomplish your work for God on Earth and that you may fill your time with the divine in joy and devotion.
With the touch of this Light Wand, a heavenly vitamin cocktail flows into you with all the healing frequencies and light information that are currently helpful to you. This causes blockages to be released in an instant.
I, your light sister, have a great deal of compassion and empathy for all sick people, especially for the physically sick, because they have suffered so much disease-causing until even their bodies began to suffer.

If you work with this Light Wand and meditate, you will get a lot of awareness of what is good for your body and what you should pay attention to. I see through you and scan you, speak it into you and transmit the healing information into you.
You can always ask me and you will receive an answer. You can receive instant enlightening inspirations for yourself or for others. Just open your mind!

So it is.

One possible use:
Leave a glass of water with this Light Wand overnight (note: do not immerse it in the liquid, just place it next to it) and ask for celestial healing frequencies for yourself or for someone you care for. You can also write down the name on a piece of paper and place on it the glass with the Light Wand beside it. Ask that the healing frequencies be allowed to flow in overnight. Drink the glass in the morning or spread it out over the day. Repeat this and remain in trust.






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