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The Light Sword of Archangel Michael - Evening Workshop - Barrie (Greater Toronto)
Friday September 14, 2018

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The Light Sword of Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael Ignites his Light Sword

in your Chakras and your Aura and Illuminates them!


Evening Workshop with the Litios Founders from Germany,

Antje Kyria Deva will do a LIVE CHANNELLING with Archangel Metatron and Archangel Michael and
Edwin will show a demonstration of a DEEP CHAKRA CLEARING
from negative entanglements, including black magic.




engelWho is Archangel Michael?

Archangel Michael is a mighty Angel of Fire, conqueror of evil and overcomer of the darkness. He leads the heavenly hosts with his Light Sword and is the highest warrior for the light.

He represents various divine attributes, which he can teach you and transfer over to you: Trust, courage, truth, loyalty, alignment with the Heart of God, steadfastness, the Freedom of the Holy Spirit, and protection.

His energy has a liberating, radiant and elevating effect on humanity and aligns everything unconditionally with the divine order.

He enters the portal of your soul powerfully and radiantly.


engel What will you discover? 
* Archangel Michael introduces himself

* The Powers of Authority of Archangel Michael – what makes him so special?

* The Light Sword of Archangel Michael – how you can use it and what you can clear (your light body, homes, landscapes, etc) and release (external energies, karma, ancestral field, relationships etc.).


engelWhat will you experience?
* Intense contact with Archangel Michael. He will touch you with his powerful, clarifying energy.

* Aura analysis for external energies in the chakras (demonstration)

* Deep meditation which is channelled from Archangel Metatron and Archangel Michael supported by the Litios Light Crystals

* A Firestorm of Love from Archangel Michael together with all the Archangels.


engel What can you achieve? 
* Deep clearing of your chakra system

* Courage and trust to go the path of your heart and stand for your own beliefs

* When your energy is cleared, you can recognize your divine truth and your true path

* Illusions will dissolve

* Protection and guidance from Archangel Michael


engelSeminar Leaders:

antje edwin 2013 s

Ursula  Peter Schnell - 120x110

Date Friday September 14, Sept 2018

Time 6:30pm - 9:00pm, doors open at 6:00


Antje and Edwin Eisele - Litios Founders
Ursula and Peter Schnell

Barrie, ON
Suite Success, 410 Huronia Rd, #5


$35 advance tickets (plus taxes) until Sept 13

$53 (incl tax) at the door

Open to all - everyone is welcome


Click here to buy you ticket


engelWhat are Litios Light Crystals?

The Litios Light Crystals are highly energized LIGHT TOOLS that have been infused in a sacred way by Archangel Metatron, the Crystal Angels and the Ascended Masters

All Light Crystals help to balance your aura, raise your vibration, and activate your higher, divine consciousness. They create a protective field of light in your aura and your living spaces and help to release and transform disharmonious energies. They are a great gift that guide, accompany and assist you in your spiritual development.
Many people who use Litios Light Crystals claim to feel deep sense of peace and harmony, a connection to something higher and intensely loving.


engelThe Litios Founders, Angel Medium Antje "Kyria Deva" and Edwin Eisele
Edwin and Antje Kyria Deva Eisele are spiritual teachers and give high level seminars and trainings worldwide for spiritual growth and transformation. After a spontaneous channel opening in 2003 by the Ascended Masters, Antje began channeling various Ascended Masters and Archangels in crystal clear clarity. Archangel Metatron took over her direct guidance and, together with High Priest Melchizedek and Lord Sananda, tasked them both with the creation of the Litios Light Crystals in 2004.

They have received specific instructions from Metatron to set up a light portal so that Archangel Metatron, Ascended Masters and Crystal Angels can permanently infuse the Light Crystals from the highest primordial light spheres. These angelic light tools are now available for all of humanity.

Their intention: "Our love and energy is devoted to the Ascension in us all and to serve the Ascension of the Earth into a higher light dimension."

 engelSeminar Location - Suite Success, 411 Huronia Road Unit #5, Barrie, ON



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