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Lotus Sphere


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Lotus Sphere

The Lotus of Mother Earth
Powerful grounding



High quality, crystal clear glass sphere with a lotus blossom lasered in the centre,
delivered with a stainless steel ring as stand

Crystalline energization and initiation

Safety Information:
Do not place the sphere in direct sunlight due to magnifying glass effect. Do not plate on a burnable surface.

Diameter: 3-1/8 in. / 80 mm


  • The Lotus of Mother Earth is the key to the heart of Lady Gaia's Throne Room
  • Being in harmony with All-That-Is in creation and feeling deep love for it
  • The joy of being
  • Affirming life
  • Golden grounding and crystal clear rooting
  • Deeply sensing creation – being connected with the entire creation
  • Feeling loved, accepted and welcome on Earth
  • Feeling at home
  • Rooting with ease at new places and on journeys
  • Healing homesickness
  • Dissolves karma and disharmonies through time and space
  • Activates the manifestation powers of Mother Earth within you

The crystal clear Lotus arises from the heart, from the Throne Room, of Earth and unfolds in your Root Chakra and your entire consciousness. It provides all possibilities for terrestrial manifestation. The Lotus of Mother Earth merges with you and leads you to harmony with All-That-Is on this planet. You will receive golden grounding and you may lovingly connect with Lady Gaia everywhere on Earth.



The Lotus Crystal Sphere is wonderful for energizing and harmonizing the aura and rooms. It will flood rooms and fill the aura with its energy. Ideal for all rooms in which we wish to be in harmony with creation and Mother Earth.



by Lightlord Metatron:

This Light Crystal Sphere is the key to the Throne Room of Mother Earth, to her creative power and love. Her pure, divine Lotus shall warmly enwrap you. You will be deeply touched and be able to see the beauty of All-That-Is in the entire creation on this planet. You may deeply connect with every living being and sense its divinity. Some are even able to speak to minerals, to plants or animals. It opens up new spaces of consciousness and love, allowing you to walk upon this Earth with greater joy, delight and new awareness. You will experience new spaces of perception and greater love in your life, enabling you to transform and master everything.

The more you integrate this love into everything you would like to accomplish in your life, the more successful, more powerful and joyful every step will be. The love of the Earth Goddess and the love of the Primordial Goddess are embedded in this Lotus: the origin of the Primordial Goddess and the Divinity of Mother Earth. And so it is.


Complete Channelling


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