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Prism Sphere small - hanging ornament

Dewdrops of Mother Mary
The Light of the Rainbow Sphere



High quality, finely cut, faceted glass sphere
with an AB layer. The top end of the sphere includes
a stain-less steel wire for hanging with jewellery pearls.
This special edition is suitable for hanging.

Crystalline energization and initiation

Diameter:: 1-1/4" in. / 30 mm

Length of wire: 20-22"  / 500-550 mm


  • Connects you with the crystalline Rainbow Sphere – joyful, pure
  • You are bedded on roses
  • You are enveloped in the protective energy of the Divine Mother
  • Enlightens your Third Eye
  • For wonderful dreams
  • The finest essence "Dewdrops of Mother Mary"
  • Sends you the colour ray into your aura that you are currently lacking

Mother Mary enchants you and suffuses every room with the vibration of the Rainbow Sphere, beds you on roses, embraces you with her softness, warmly enwraps you in a play of colours and scents creating a child-like, pure and joyful atmosphere. You can regain your energy for the here and now.  The Prism Sphere brings a dreamlike radiance and the pro-tection of Mother Mary in your aura and in all rooms.



All rooms are filled with heavenly radiance and the protection of Mother Mary – ideal for bedrooms.
Illuminated guidance • house harmonization • protection • aura harmonization • harmony in relationships • Harmonious balancing of emotions • Ideal for children.

This edition radiates especially well when you hang it in a window, where it will receive sunlight and bathes the room in a kaleidoscope of rainbow colours. You can hang it in rooms where you wish to have a harmonious, balancing energy. It is ideal for bedrooms (eg. over the bed), in the living room (eg. over the dining table or sofa), office (eg. at your working desk), meditation room (eg. over your meditation space) and therapy rooms (eg. in the reception, over the massage table). Then call upon Mother Mary and ask for illuminated guidance, acts on your behalf and blesses your matters of concern.



by Mother Mary:

I imbue this wonderful Prism Sphere with the loving energies of the Rainbow Sphere. It brings this sphere to you. Rooms shall be suffused with heavenly radiance, fairytale-like, as if a little carried away and yet in the here and now. It is like in your childhood dreams: It touches you softly and tenderly, elevates you. The tenderness of my love sways you, warmly enwraps you and swirls around you – this gentle caress. You may regain your energy over and over again in these rooms by day and by night; as if enraptured, as if enchanted – fairytale-like and yet real. Slipping over, drifting over and yet being in the here and now both at the same time as one; and your heart will be moving, billowing. Yes, all your cells will be softly moving, vibrating, just like a leaf dancing in the wind. I will shower your rooms with flowers, the finest scents shall pervade them, peace and tranquility shall return to you:

Be peaceful, be completely calm.
Everything is all right and everything will be fine.
Life is a game.
Life leads you to the goal.
In this child-like splendour it is achieved.

My gift to you is dewdrops from heaven: a manifested dewdrop of my love. You may call this Prism Sphere: "Dewdrops of Mother Mary" and so be it.


Complete Channelling


Prism Sphere Christmas Edition 2019.pdf


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