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Love Pearl - Earrings

Magic of heavenly Love

* clip type


1 pair of high quality, finely cut, faceted glass pearls
comes with bail and hook as earring jewellery set – nickel-free

Crystalline energisation and initiation

Length: 3/4 in. / 20 mm

Available in 2 bail and hook colours:
gold (gold-plated)
silver (silver-plated)


  • Love Pearl from the heart of Jesus
  • Heart opener
  • Magic of heavenly love
  • Kiss from heaven
  • You experience deep compassion for the entire creation
  • The higher feeling of happiness
  • Greetings from heaven
  • The compassionate love of Jesus Christ releases old pain
  • Divine heart connection with Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ gives you the magic of heavenly love, opens your heart, embraces you, awakens feelings of happiness, helps you to cope with loneliness, sadness and fears, as it connects you with the pure love from heaven. These Love Pearls fill your aura and rooms with their magic and illuminate them.



To be worn as earrings and very appropriate as a gift – balances out the energy of the left and right brain hemispheres.



by Jesus Christ:

Beloved, this is Jesus Christ, my open heart, my divine mercy for you and this Earth. I kiss this beloved Earth. It shall be showered with those Love Pearls from my heart, like tears of joy. I put a tear of joy from my love into every heart. It awakens deep compassion for every living being, caring and sympathy for its path that it has walked upon without light, without love, without hope; a path into darkness. These Love Pearls open the pathway to my heart, little treasures, so full of love. Your heart and all rooms will be enchanted by this heavenly love. Surround yourself with such pearls in beauty and harmony. Just a glance and heaven kisses you – a kiss from heaven. It opens the gate to a higher feeling of happiness within you. It kindles your lucky star in the aura, and happiness will be poured onto you. It is like a rain of glittering sparks – you will be enveloped. They are like stars, tiny sparks, which fall from the sky, innumerable greetings from heaven, greetings from the heart, love and joy.

I cast my eyes upon every heart with infinite love, and they unfold like a beautiful flower – a glance of my love, a tear from my heart. It is the magic of heavenly love, and so be it.


Complete Channelling


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