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Merkaba Sphere 80mm


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Weitere Bilder: Merkaba-Kugel

Merkaba Sphere 80mm

The Vibrant Light Vortex - medium
Merkaba Activation



High quality, crystal clear glass sphere with a Merkaba lasered in the centre,
delivered with a stainless steel ring as stand

Crystalline energization and initiation

Saftey information:
Please do not place the sphere in direct sunlight due to magnifying glass effect. Do not place on a burnable surface.

Diameter: 3-1/8 in. / 80 mm


  • Activates your light vehicle, the "Merkaba"
  • Letting go of all programs and lower bonds
  • Releasing old, encrusted structures
  • Freedom of the Holy Spirit
  • Transformation into illuminated beings of the New Age
  • The Crystalline Light Body

A mighty light vortex is touching your heart, activating your light vehicle, the "Merkaba" with ease. It is a loving "initial aid" leading you to the freedom of the Holy Spirit. You feel the release of all old, encrusted structures and programs. The transformation into an illuminated human of the New Age is being initiated.



You may put the Merkaba Sphere underneath you, in front of you or above you in meditations. It is wonderful to hold it in your hands and connect with it directly. You may meditate in a lying or sitting position and connect with Lord Krishna and Lord Sananda, the Ascended Masters. Enter into deep silence and feel the light of transformation.

When you position the Merkaba Sphere freely, it energizes and protects rooms. The large Merkaba Sphere is suitable to energize entire houses.



by Lord Krishna:

So I am embedding this light vortex into the Merkaba Sphere, a mighty light vortex of purest love. It directly leads you to your heart, where the connection is - yes, it harbours the High Self. This light vortex attracts the divine primordial energy to you, like a magnet. It is a light vortex in your heart activating your light vehicle with ease and awakening your radiance like the powerful brightness of heaven - celestial radiance. Everything is already within you. It only takes a small amount of our energy to activate it, to make it flow. Our spiritual authority could not do anything if it were not already within you. God created you in His image and this image of perfection is within you. So all it merely takes is a slight touch, the breath of God, the breath of the Holy Spirit to reinitiate and reactivate the flow with our love vortex; you shall remember ...

It elevates you to the plane of all blissful spirits in the entire universe; to the freedom of the Holy Spirit. So you may release old fears, old structures and transform yourself. The transformation into illuminated beings of the New Age is fulfilling itself. Everything is already within you. It is already there, waiting to be transformed into light.


Complete Channelling


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