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Prism Sphere diamond
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Prism Sphere diamond

Drops of Grace from the Heart of Mary



High quality, finely cut, faceted glass sphere
with flat bottom for standing

Diamond energization and initiation

Diameter: 1-5/8 in. / 40 mm


  • Key to the healing temple of Mother Mary, to the grace of her heart
  • Activating the potential of the pure grace of Mother Mary in you
  • Drops of grace out of the heart of Mother Mary showering into your soul 
  • A heavenly sea of blossoms from Mother Mary envelope you
  • Your soul transforms itself and blossoms illuminated, pristine, pure
  • You feel comforted and safe in the arms of the divine mother
  • You yourself become a light bringer of grace for all of creation.

Mother Mary comes out of the highest dimensions of bliss to you and pours a thousand drops of grace of her heart into your soul. Your light body blossoms anew and transforms into a heavenly garden, into a sea of blossoms of scents, a blaze of colours, sounds and beauty. The horrors of the night of the past thousands of years are over. You are lovingly embraced in her heart's temple of grace and become a carrier of grace for the entire creation.



Brings a dreamlike radiance and the protection of Mother Mary in your aura and in all rooms – very good for sleeping spaces. Very gentle and harmonious.

Give yourself the drops of grace of Mary's heart. You can place the Prism Sphere diamond for example beside a pitcher of water for 10 minutes or longer.



by Mother Mary:

Thousands and thousands of such drops of grace rain upon you, beloved soul. Divine flowers bloom everywhere where these drops of grace reach the bottom of your soul. They sprout up in all your chakras and all your light bodies.

These drops of grace are so pure, so eternally lightful, so primordial, just like the primordial love of my heart for all of creation, just as I had dreamed creation at the very beginning of this universe in the cradle of my love, unified with the Heart of God.

Your soul radiates like a heavenly garden. Whatever may have happened before, even if war may have reigned at the bottom of your soul, it now blooms anew on the once fields of the dead. A new reality emerges. The old no longer exists. It is the past. The horrors of the night are behind you.
The deeper you engage with the light of my grace, the more you meditate in this frequency of grace, then the more you are unified with my love. I allow the well of my drops of grace to arise from the centre of your soul's garden, for my heavenly form has found a home and has initiated the garden of your soul. Then you are the giver of grace and provide for the thirsty souls from my fountain of grace.


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