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Avatar Diamond crystalline large


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Weitere Bilder: Avatar-Diamant kristallin groß

Avatar Diamond crystalline large

Diamond Flame of Oneness



High quality, finely cut,
faceted zirconia diamond in crystal clear

Diamond energization and initiation

Diameter: 2 in.  /  50 mm


  • Being connected with Lightlord Metatron and Lord Maitreya
  • The holy diamond Flame of Oneness will be rekindled within you
  • Returning to Divine Unity, to completeness and to Omega
  • Transfers the highest frequency of light, healing and grace
  • Opens the gate of grace within you
  • Being a diamond in the Eye of God – following the diamond path
  • Activates the Diamond Light Vehicle, the Merkaba
  • Awakens the Diamond Light Body
  • Presence of the Enlightened Ones of God
  • Presence of the universal White Brotherhood
  • Christ consciousness of the Enlightened Ones
  • Transcendence of the ego consciousness
  • Lightness surrounds you and elates you
  • Independence, freeing from all old programmings, conditions, ties and grids
  • Letting go of the old system of values, and "ascend" to the consciousness of all-embracing, unconditional love

You enter the energy of the holy Diamond Flame of Oneness. Your highest purity is rekindled – you will feel the divine presence of Allness – magnificence and divine presence surround you and are within you. You are one with All-That-Is. The gate to divine grace and to all-redeeming love opens within you.



You may put it on one chakra, underneath or in front of you during meditations. Take it in your hands and let the energy flow. Carry the diamond with you.



by Lightlord Metatron:

This flame rekindles everything within you – what is still separated shall be healed; and everything that is still caught in the illusion shall be led back to divine truth.

This flame is the higher reflection of the Golden Flame of Lemuria, the Flame of Oneness, from the time when you still existed in Divine Unity – it leads you back to Divine Oneness – to completeness – to Omega. Alpha and Omega are one.

I am the bearer of this Flame of Holiness and Allness, and I am placing it in your heart – a flame from this divine fire – and everything may heal: everything that separated you, that was severed, shattered or destroyed within you, everything that is distorted and therefore creating a distorted picture within you due to the illusion of separation – the seeming separation from Divine Oneness.

This holy Flame of Divine Oneness assists you and leads you back to the divine image, to the holy image of God within you – to the perfection and magnificence that God placed within you from the beginning. It awakens the memory of being one, the state of Divine Oneness – the eternal and divine state of being – simply being in divine presence ... You may rekindle this holy flame, this holy diamond flame within you over and over again – then you shall feel Allness, Oneness, All-unity with the entire creation and everything that is Divine, with God's entire origin. So it is, Beloved.


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