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Litios Introduction Seminar 2 - 

The Crystalline Light Temple

Seminar Duration - 1 day


engelCurrent Dates
Barrie: Saturday June 12, 2016



engelIntention of the Seminar

Learning about house harmonization and identify sources of interference in your home and work spaces.
Learning to connect your spaces with the higher dimensions of light and energy.
Creating a Crystalline Light Temple for home and work.


engelSeminar Content

  • Introduction into house harmonization
  • Sensing energies and practical exercises
  • Flooding rooms and houses with light, love and energy
  • Angels help you to create a Crystalline Light Temple
  • Your Crystalline Light Temple
  • Raising yourself and your home in the light energies of the New Age
  • Dowsing for internal, external, technical and spiritual interferences in your home and working space
  • Dowsing how your environment effects the vibration of your aura and the chakras
  • Laying of Light Crystals on the chakras
  • Meditation and channellings with Archangels and Ascended Masters


engelEffect of the Litios Light Crystals

  • They energize water, beverages and food
  • They infuse the aura, rooms and buildings with light energy and they create a protective light field.
  • The Angel's Gate creates a Gate – a might channel to the higher dimensions.




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