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2021.03.27 28 Golden Cities Eventbrite


Golden Light Cities - online seminar
Sat-Sun, March 27-28, 2021

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The Golden Light Cities Descend to the Earth

Online Retreat of Your Soul in the Temples of the Enlightened Ones


Receive the keys to enter the Golden Cities and the Light Temples of the Enlightened Ones and activate your own light and master aspects.

Do you wish that higher spheres of light would tangibly lower themselves into your life? Would you like to be embraced and safe in the arms of your Light and Star Brothers and Sisters?

In this wonderful online retreat for your soul, you will be shown the way into the light temples of the Enlightened Ones. Ascended Masters and Lady Masters have been watching over us for thousands of years. They guide, direct, accompany and protect us.

Now they are opening their temples of light to the souls that are ready, as this contact has been prepared and is intended for the humanity of the New Earth. More and more the veils between the dimensions are dissolving.

In the dawning of the Golden Age, much more is happening: the Golden Cities of Light are descending onto the Earth.

Look forward to two intense, light-filled and highly vibrating days in the Golden Cities and Light Temples of the Enlightened Ones.

These temples descend into your home and transform it into a radiant palace of light! Your soul will feel embraced and expand in the harmonious spheres of heaven. Through a deep remembering, your own inner light temple will open up again. It's like coming home after a very long time.

The Ascended Ones hand you the entrance key to their light temples. With this key, you can go there afterwards at any time you wish. You will always return revived and with renewed awareness.





engelSeminar Leaders:

 Photo Antje Edwin

PeterUrsula Schnell square 1500x1500


Date Sat-Sun, March 27-28 2021
Time 10 am – 2 pm EST Eastern Time Zone (Toronto, New York)
7 am – 11 am PST Pacific Time Zone (Vancouver, Los Angeles)
15.00 – 19.00 h (United Kingdom)


Antje Kyria Deva and Edwin Eisele - Litios Founders

Translation into English - Peter and Ursula Schnell, Litios Canada/USA
Contact us for translation into Spanish

Location    Online

C$204 +tax, +fees (= C$245)
C$189 +tax, +fees (= C$227) - discounted with 
Litios monthly membership code
          includes handouts

Pre-requisite: there are no pre-requisites
Technical requirement: you need 2 communication devices
(eg. Laptop and cell phone) to support the Webinar
with simultaneous English (or Spanish) translation


Click here to register on-line   


engelSeminar Content

Experience Golden Cities and Wondrous Light Temples

  • Maha Cohan: Activate your light and master aspects, travel with ease into high vibrational light temples and cities.
  • Archangel Metatron: The Light Temple of Shambala
  • Master Hilarion: Receive healing frequencies on all levels in his light temple
  • In the Sun Temple of Goddess Isis: receive the robe of light from the Sun Goddess
  • Ashtar and the luminous Star Brothers and Sisters: Light journeys made easy
  • Ashtar: The Cities and Temples of the Solar Light Beings of Alcyone
  • Light portals to the Throne Room of God open up
  • The golden cities of the Christ Enlightened Ones are descending onto the earth and into you - you are an inhabitant of these golden cities.
  • Erecting a Light Temple in your home (including a channelling and prayer)


engelWhat you will experience

  • Practical step by step instructions for your spiritual journeys
  • A special gift: You will receive a prayer that you can use on your own at home to always be safe in a protective temple of light.
  • You will experience the blissful light vibration of the Enlightened Ones in heart-touching meditations.


engelThis seminar is ideal for you …

  • if you want to transform your home into an oasis of light
  • if you want to be guided and accompanied by the Ascended Masters on a permanent basis
  • if you want to raise your own light vibration and your consciousness to the frequency of the Ascended Ones
  • if you want to dive into heavenly spheres and let yourself be filled with light


Words from Jesus Sananda:

"I have seen your pure hearts and your request. I wish to give you the connection to my golden kingdom of my grace and love so that you can enter the golden city. This is the time when the golden portals open for this Earth."

Channelled by Angel Medium Kyria Deva

engelSeminar Location - online seminar. 


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