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Manifestation and Abundance - Barrie, ON
Sat-Sun, Feb 1-2, 2020

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Manifestation and Abundance

Manifest Your Vision with Archangel Metatron


Lightord Metatron and the Enlightened Ones activate
the Golden Flow of Abundance, Prosperity and Fortune in your Life

Allow yourself to shape your next decade with the full force of the Archangels and the Litios Light Crystals

Learn to manifest the life that you wish for yourself and to identify and transform those hidden blocks and deep patterns that sabotage your way to joy and abundance.

Accelerate the manifestation of your visions and goals with the full power of the Litios Light Crystals behind you.

Lightlord Metatron and the Ascended Masters will activate the golden flow of abundance, prosperity and fortune within you on all levels.


Manifestation pyramid 07engelIntention of the Training

Intention of the seminar is to activate your Divine Life Plan and learn to manifest in the highest good for yourself and those around you. Learn how to optimally manifest your wishes, visions and heart intentions, how to detect and resolve the blockages and anchor your divine manifestation powers. Learn to manifest projects with the help and guidance of angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters and your Higher Self. Practical exercises and deep meditations will further deepen your experience and effectiveness. We will intensify your experience with the Litios Light Crystals throughout, especially the Pyramid of Manifestation and the Crystal Prosperity Card.



engelSeminar Leaders:


Date Sat-Sun, Feb 1-2 2020
Time 10:00am - 6:00pm daily


Ursula and Peter Schnell
Location Barrie, ON (Yonge and Big Bay Point area)

$440 (incl. tax & handouts and MP3 meditations)

Pre-requisite: If you have not participated in a Litios Seminar
or are not familiar with using a pendulum,
please contact us or indicate this in the online registration.

Minimum of 5 participants required for seminar to take place.


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engelSeminar Content

  • The principle of manifestation: optimal energy flow from spirit to material
  • Discover and release blockages from this life as well as karma over time and space: conditioning, experiences, thought programs, role models
  • Your new orientation of thoughts and feelings towards money, wealth and other manifestations
  • Activate a higher dimension of manifestation with Lightlord Metatron in your life!
  • Your higher heart's intention with every manifestation
  • Manifest your vision with the Pyramid of Manifestation and the Merkaba energy!
  • Manifest your projects together with illuminate beings: angels, Ascended Masters and your personal spiritual guidance. Experience the support from the universe for your manifestation!
  • Create your personal Vision Board for manifestation: a vision for your golden future!


engelSeminar Description

Does this happen to you? You have a project that you have started that is important for you but you have never completed it? You have a material or immaterial wish that you absolutely wish to be fulfilled? Is money tight for you or do you have the feeling that you don't have enough money? Then this is the perfect seminar for you!

This seminar will help you to identify and resolve your inner blockages and to manifest your heart's desire.  You will learn the spiritual principles that need to be followed. You will become the light creator of your life with the help of illuminated beings.

On this weekend, you will learn the laws of manifestation (eg. the optimal energy flow from spirit to material, the heart's intention in your wishes and manifestations). Through partner exercises as well as meditations with angels, Ascended Masters and your Higher Self, we will purposely identify and transform your inner blockages, for example, what is blocking the realization of your project, wishes and other manifestations? Is it for example a thought, conditioning, experience or karma? What conditioning are you carrying with regards to money and wealth in you? What is your true intention in each manifestation?

The highlight of the seminar: we will create a Vision Board for your current, personal manifestation wishes, which we, together with Archangel Metatron and Ascended Masters, will powerfully infuse with energy and effectively guide into manifestation.


engelWords from Archangel Metatron

"The Golden Flow of abundance, prosperity and fortune in the universe that sustains all life and fills every life, is activated first within you and then spreads over the entire earth. Ignite together with us a new vision for you and the entire Earth"


engelWhat you will experience

  • Practical applications, exercises for self-reflection and partner exercises
  • A meditation with the Crystal Prosperity Card (Special Edition for this seminar)
  • Meditations with Lightlord Metatron, Melchizedek, Archangels, your Higher Self and further luminous beings.
  • All the Light Crystals, especially the Pyramid of Manifestation, will intensify your experience.


engelThis seminar is ideal for you if:

  • You have a wish that you absolutely want to manifest
  • You wish to recognize what is hindering you in fulfilling your vision
  • You have projects and wishes in which you desire the support from heavenly helpers
  • You wish to obtain the advice of angels and Ascended Masters for your visions and manifestation wishes


Testimonials from the seminar 2019:

"Peter and Ursula’s instruction was truly transformative. A mindfully crafted program of group work, lecture and meditation; I was able to work with a variety of crystals and tune in and overcome key blocks in my creative and manifestation process. I would highly recommend to anyone interested in deepening their knowledge regarding manifestation principals as well as their meditation practice. I will carry the weekend experience with me always"
- Robin P, Vancouver BC

"I recently attended the manifestation and abundance workshop with Ursula and Peter and it was amazing. They are both high level Teachers and have a wealth of knowledge to share! I highly recommend any courses that they are offering!"
- Angela Paterson, Vancouver BC


engelSeminar Location - Barrie, ON - Yonge and Big Bay Point area.  Further information at registration


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