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June 2018 Find Balance, Clarity in Roller Coaster of Life - read
"Alive and Fit" Magazine Sudbury, ON – Summer 2018


March 2017 TV Interview in New York with Alan Steinfeld of New Realities 
Hear the story of how the Litios Light Crystals came to be. See the video here

February 2015 Chakras in the Light of the New Age - read
"Nourish - Your Body Mind Soul" Magazine (online), Burnaby, BC – Feb 2015

February 2015 The Existence, Influence and Removal of Negative Extra-Terrestrial Energies - read
Toronto Dowsers Newsletter – Feb 2015


March 2014 The Angel's Gate - Potential and Possibilities - read


March 2013 Litios Light Crystals Harmonize Auras and Energize Living Spaces - read
Vitality Magazine, Toronto – March 2013 (Healthy Product News)


March 2013 The Litios Light Crystals - Part 2 - read 
Toronto Dowsers Monthly Newsletter – March 2013


October 2012 New - The Litios Light Crystals - read 
Toronto Dowsers Monthly Newsletter – October 2012




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Meditation Evenings - more info
Litios Light Centre - Barrie, ON

Feb 1-2, Barrie, ON
Manifestation Seminar

Feb 15-17, Moncton, ON
Light Priest Training Part 1
March 3, Markham, ON
L!FE Frequency workshop

March 13-15, Barrie, ON
Light Priest Training Part 2

April 3-5, Toronto, ON
Yoga Show and Conference

April 25-26, Toronto, ON
Metaphysical Show Toronto

May 3-5, Markham, ON
National Conference on
Traditional Healing

May 23-24, Barrie, ON
Barrie Holistic Healing Fair

June, Barrie, ON
Light Priest Training Part 1

Events, Expos

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What are Light Crystals

2017.03.20 NY Interview


Hanging Prism Sphere

New Light Crystals