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The Crystalline Light Body

Lightlord Metatron

channelled by Kyria Deva

October 10 2011


Beloved, this is Metatron and I swathe you in my vibration of lightness and joy, I suffuse this room and this time with the purest light. I bring you the Primordial Creator Light of all worlds and dimensions, the light that gives rise to the creation of this universe, whose original form is purest crystal, the Primordial Crystal of God.

In its origin your Light Body was a pure crystalline form. This primeval creation is still inherent in you and in everything you are. From there the Primordial Light Body arose, following the evolution of the whole universe, the rhythm of evolution and the Divine Will to transform and recreate All. The only constant is change, recreation and rebirth.

Over the last thousands of years you have forgotten that you are purest crystal beings of light. You have reflected upon yourselves as if you saw merely your shadows, saying: This is me. You had forgotten your true essence. You were but a shadow of yourself. The time of awakening has come and light portals are opening everywhere on Earth, the crystalline Primordial Light is streaming in. They activate the memory of your crystalline light body, the infinite beauty that still lies dormant within you even if it fell into a deep sleep.

Light crystals of eternity are streaming in, crystals of Primordial Creation are filling your room and time, awakening the Primordial Light within.

Your chakras burst into a pure crystal bloom, into the light consciousness that is still hidden deep within and they will be aglitter by the touch of this primordial Crystal Light. The Litios Crystals awaken the consciousness in the chakras.

They expand with the awakening consciousness and begin to radiate, they activate the light crystals in all bodies. Even the divine consciousness of creation will be activated in your physical body. This divine information is stored in every cell.

Crystals are perfect memory storages for light information, and therefore they were embedded in you from God's heart carrying the primordial knowledge of creation within. They awaken with the touch of the Primordial Light and reveal their information. The divine genesis codes are freely poured forth into all cells of your physical body. This genesis information begins its divine work: Reconstructing the light bodies.

The primal information is released into every light body. You may compare it to computer programs that you can activate – the divine source codes begin to operate. The divine creator programs will be re-activated and you will be re-connected to the evolutionary frequency of the universe.

As in the last thousands of years you have lost your rhythm, so to speak. Your whole system derailed and since then it has no longer been able to align its frequency with the universe.

Angels of the purest primordial creation enter through the open portals and work with your aura bodies, transforming them into crystalline light bodies. Primordial Light Crystals will awaken in your whole aura and be activated in all nerve- and control centers.

Primordial Crystals awaken and fill your entire system with their genesis information; you immerse in the vibration of bliss. They constantly send their impulses into your whole field of light.

Consequently, your higher light bodies will also unfold and begin to shine. Your main aura bodies and your causal body will awaken with ease, and so will the higher light bodies with the connection to the High Self and to the consciousness of Allness, the universal Divine Matrix into which you are embedded.

The Universal Divine Matrix is now imprinted into you. These supreme connections kindle a new level of consciousness. The Divine Matrix releases you from all manipulations and programmings of the last centuries. You are interwoven with the primordial threads of light on all planes of being and they ignite a new plane of the Crystalline Light Body within you allowing you to shine in new brilliance. Even more light crystals of eternity will be activated within you and bring forth your true divine being in all its clarity. In your heart you carry the certainty: I AM Light from True Light.

The portal of pure grace is open and golden grace streams in incessantly, the golden Light of Christ from the eternal divine masters and goddesses. This will in turn ignite the next plane of your Light Body as you elevate yourself above time and space redeeming all Karma with unconditional love and unconditional forgiving. You enter into the total liberation of all earth-bound issues and reach a new level of consciousness. You may call it the diamond consciousness of light. As with the redemption of all Karma and energies of cause and effect, your ego will begin to transcend and allows the higher Light Bodies to radiate, which means that they shine into your here and now from the supreme dimensions.

The mission of these Light Bodies is not directly linked to your daily lives, but is interwoven with the higher dimensions and planes of consciousness. These planes gradually merge with your here and now and enable you to gain contact.

Thus your higher plan, the supreme plan, begins to pervade your life. You will actively contribute to the divine plan of ascension. Your light will shine and radiate throughout the whole universe. Supernal World Teachers, Masters and Lady Master of Light from primordial creation will come and rekindle you in order to teach you: You are a creator and master yourself. They ignite the level of master-consciousness after having scrutinized the deep purity of your intention of heart.

Your life will be realigned and restructured as it is now time to clearly manifest the consciousness of light in the outside world and to transmute into a teacher and creator yourself. Once again a new level of infinite radiance will be initiated within you.

Step by step your light body will continue to expand in the process of awareness, it begins to shine and radiate – purer and brighter in its divine order.

The level of master consciousness requires a permanently active Merkaba increasing your radiance and expanding your field of light at any time. So it is.


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