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Meditation Evenings – Litios Light Centre in Barrie


We offer MEDITATION EVENINGS in our home in Barrie, ON. Our meditation room is filled with Light Crystals and we will introduce you into the high vibrating energy and how you can recharge your energy system – to top up your batteries so to speak.

These guided meditations will help you to leave the hustle and bustle of daily life and return to the centre of your being, to find peace and quiet in the centre of your heart and find your inner power again. It will also support you to connect to your Higher Self and the higher spheres as well as clearing and activating your aura and chakras.

Many participants report having very intense and special experiences during the meditation in that they get in contact with the Angelic Realm or they have very illuminated visions.

Every evening will have a different topic and focus on a specific Light Crystal, which is connected to this topic.

The theme of the evening might be changed through the needs or the wishes of the participants!

Note: for the Dec 13th, we will already open the doors at 5pm for an INFORMAL GET-TOGETHER for tea and Christmas cookies, inspiring chats, sitting and meditating in silence in the Crystal Room ….

6.30pm – Doors open to look at the crystals, talk to others and have a cup of tea
7.00pm – 8:30pm Talk and Meditation
Barrie South, ON

Please register as we have limited space.
Email or call us
and we will send you directions per email.
Tel: 416 523 7728 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Evening Fee $20 incl tax

Everyone is welcome.



Thursday Oct 18, 2018   Activating your Manifestation Powers with Golden Master Dragons
Thursday Nov 22, 2018   Activating The Unified Heart Chakra
Thursday Dec 13, 2018   Peace Meditation 



Thursday Dec 13, 2018

For our last meditation evening this year in our Light Centre in Barrie, the Peace Meditation is based on the initiation channelling of the Litios Diamond Star Gold. This Light Diamond carries the energy of the Peace Dover of the Holy Spirit within it. This energy is especially present at Christmas time and particularly important in today's world for the entire Earth. We can integrate the peace energy in ourselves and send it to places, where this energy is particularly necessary.

NOTE: For this special meditation evening
As of 5pm: INFORMAL GET-TOGETHER for tea and Christmas cookies, inspiring chats, sitting and meditating in silence in the Crystal Room ….


Excerpt from the initiation channelling from Lightlord Metatron channelled by Angel Medium Antje Kyria Deva:

Diamond Star goldLet us assume that today is your day of transition into a higher plane and that you leave this Earth behind. Visualize yourself leaving this Earth. With whom or what would you like to make peace?

Inhale the energy of peace from the Holy Spirit. It is the divine dove of peace that brings you this peace. It is descending powerfully. The wings of the Holy Spirit are powerful, and so is the dove of peace within. Be the ambassadors of divine peace, be the initiates of this divine peace of the Holy Spirit. Be the peace ambassador of heaven on this Earth and send this message to all hearts, to everyone who appears before your inner eye. Peace across all borders.

Everything is bathed in this divine peace. Everything that existed around issues and conflicts transforms itself, no longer has any power, no longer exist as they are redeemed in this divine peace, they completely disappear as if they had never happened – you have learned and those people have also learned.

Instill this energy of peace in you and in your inner conflicts or in situations that you could not handle, wherever you are not at peace, wherever you are unsatisfied. The Holy Spirit is descending, the divine dove of peace is coming with all its power, beginning to get the root of these conflict energies and allowing the soul to disentangle itself from Earth with ease so that it may leave this Earth behind peacefully – so that it may be at peace with this Earth. It is a wonderful state, Beloved, when you could or are able to enter into this inner peace every moment of your life.





Ursula and Peter Schnell

Dr. Ursula and Peter Schnell
Barrie (Toronto), Ontario, Canada

Cell: 416 523 7728
Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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