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Light Devas - online seminar
Sat-Sun, Sept 26-27, 2020

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Experience the Enchantment of the Light Devas

Light Devas Open Light Portals to their Creation Realms in You


The Light Devas are powerful spiritual beings like the Golden Master Dragons, the Elves, the Light Dolphins and the Unicorns and they play an extraordinary role as defining co-creators during these times of great change. They have served humanity and the Earth for eons and they act as the light custodians for creation, for flora, fauna and the nature realms.

This seminar is under the direct guidance of Archangel Metatron and the Light Devas. Through deep meditations, the inspired teachings and live channelings of the Litios Founders, you will completely feel and experience the enchantment and high energy of the Light Devas in your home while online, as many participants from past seminars have confirmed.

We humans have almost completely lost contact to creation and the light worlds of the Light Devas, having relegated them to fairy tales and folklore. The Light Devas wish to give back to you your heart's contact to them and to nature once again. In this way, they help you to a better grounding so that you feel comfortable here on Earth, that you feel welcome and rejoice to life.

They look deep into your soul and gift you those things that you individually need during these times of change. In this way, they transform burdening feelings like fear and sadness and instead give you courage, inner strength, joy, lightness of being. They support you to powerfully enter into your creative abilities, to take your own life and destiny into your own hands. Feel the closeness of their hearts to you and their profound love to us humans and to creation.



engelSeminar Leaders:

 Photo Antje Edwin

PeterUrsula Schnell square 1500x1500


Date Sat-Sun, Sept 26-27 2020
Time 10:00am - ca. 2:00pm daily


Antje Kyria Deva and Edwin Eisele - Litios Founders
Ursula and Peter Schnell - Litios Canada/US

Translation into English - Peter and Ursula Schnell
Contact us for translation into Spanish or French

Location Online

$197  plus tax & fees
          includes handouts

Pre-requisite: there are no pre-requisites
Technical requirement: you need 2 communication devices
(eg. Laptop and cell phone) to support the Webinar
with simultaneous English (French or Spanish) translation


Click here to register on-line


engelSeminar Content

  • Who are Light Devas? Learn about them and their allocation to the various elements and creation realms.
  • Which tasks and authorities do Light Devas have? The Light Devas hand over gifts and powers of authorities to you and offer you their friendship.
  • The Golden Master Dragons: master your fears and activate your Kundalini powers
  • The Unicorn Devas bring you the light of the Rainbow Sphere: regeneration and harmony in your light body, joy and lightness of being.
  • The Elves and Fairies: reactivate your primordial connection to the plant and animal realms, receive their healing power and integrate your lost Elf aspects.
  • The Light Dolphins: experience the healing of your emotions an open yourself for their contagious joy of life.
  • Experience how the Light Devas can help you in your daily lives and support you.  


engelWords from the Unicorn Deva "Saria-Ala" and the Dolphin Deva "Solar Star"

"We, the Light Devas, are more powerful than you think and that you can imagine! We open in you a might portal to our light worlds. We will show you and hand over to you our unique light potential. Lightness of being will surround you and pure joy of life is ignited in you. Experience the magic of our presence that simply makes you happy!""


engelWhat you will experience

  • Archangel Metatron creates a light temple in your home and will personally guide you throughout the seminar
  • You will experience the presence of the Light Devas and receive an intensive heart's contact
  • You experience the playful joy and lightness of being of the Light Devas
  • Initiations into these extraordinary Light Crystals and Light Diamonds of the Light Devas: Dragon Pendant, Unicorn Pendant, Dolphin Pendant, Elf Sphere
  • Deep meditations and live channellings with powerful Light Devas that will enrich your life


engelThis seminar is ideal for you if:

  • you wish to receive an intensive contact with Light Devas
  • you wish to activate once again the powerful spiritual potential of the Light Devas that we humans have lost (eg. the manifestation powers of the Golden Master Dragons)
  • you wish to experience the uniqueness of the Light Devas
  • you wish to have more lightness of being and the pure joy in life
  • you wish to give yourself and your inner child happiness and playful joy


Recommended Light Crystals and Light Diamonds connected to the Light Divas:

Order Light Crystals in advance to support you during the seminar

You may be interested in acquiring a specific Light Crystal or Light Diamond that is delivered to you before the seminar.
In this way you can meditate with it during the seminar and experience it more deeply, allowing it to support you during the seminar.

For some ideas, go to 

     Recommended Light Crystals and Light Diamonds 

that will be highlighted during the seminar.


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engelSeminar Location - online seminar. 


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