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What are Light Diamonds?



Litios Light Diamonds are highly energized Light Tools
that have been infused in a sacred way over a period of time by
Lightlord Metatron, the Ascended Masters and Crystal Angels.

engel Diamond Energy - Overview

Diamond Energy raises our vibration in the Metaposition, connects us with the Light Consciousness of the Avatars, connects us with the all-seeing Eye of God, activates our Light Vehicle the Mer-Ka-Ba and activates our higher Chakras.

  • Diamond Energy clears you and guides you into the diamond vibrational frequencies of enlightenment - you are unimpeachable and invulnerable
  • Diamond Energy helps you, if you are willing, to discover and activate your personal divine plan – your calling
  • Diamond Energy connects you with the Enlightened Ones and helps you to expand the Flame of Enlightenment, the flame of the "I Am" within you
  • Diamond Energy helps youto keep our light vehicle, the Merkaba, permanently active
  • Diamond Energy also activates the Merkaba in the chakras as well as the higher chakra portals
  • Diamond Energy increases your energy so intensively that you remain raised in the Metaposition, above the general mass consciousness. You vibrate in a higher grid above all areas and issues
  • Diamond Energy guides you to your own creative power, your own energy, to step even more powerfully into your own Divinity.
  • Diamond Energy is the "Key of the Avatar" and helps you to enter the last, endless gate to All-One-Consciousness
  • Diamond Energy connects you with the all-seeing Eye of God – the all-seeing Eye of God radiates within you - you recognize and see all from the divine perspective and remain elevated
  • Diamond Energy activates your higher chakras as well as your earth chakras
  • Diamond Energy connects you with the enlightened Masters who can de-materialize their bodies into the light - you are connected with the Diamond Light Matrix of the Enlightened Ones
  • Diamond Energy pulls you like a magnet into your inner diamond essence, your inner Divinity: calmness and composure, the Divine Presence expands outwardly = the Diamond "I Am" Flame - you yourself are the Divine Diamond

engel Difference between Crystal Energy and Diamond Energy

Crystal Energy

  • Clears our auras and chakras and brings everything up to the crystal light frequencies
  • Our spirit and soul body is crystalline and pure
  • They help us to clarity, focus, realisation and purity out of the highest primordial light
  • They establish the divine connection - you are aligned with the divine source
  • They help you to connect to the divine matrix
  • They activate and anchor the crystalline light body in you
  • Light Crystals will be planted in everything and awakened in all
  • We will be connected back to your Alpha – the original of your Being – everything within you will be awakened and recalled

Diamond Energy

  • The Lightmaster awakes – the true Divine Life Plan
  • The Merkaba Light Vehicle remains permanently activated
  • Guides us deeply into our Divine "I Am" Flame
  • The pure, divine Diamond that we are is awakened
  • The Divine I Am steers, guides and leads us
  • Guides us into the depth of our true Self – the Throne of God within us guides us
  • Guides us into deep bliss, deep divinity, deep inner peace and stillness – I am that I am
  • I no longer need anything – state of divine, calm presence and deeper inner radiation


  • At least 1 year clearing work with the Crystal Energy, otherwise the potential of the Diamond Energy cannot be fully enfolded
  • Carrying both Energy Frequencies simultaneously or alternating – test this out
  • Both Energy Frequencies are wonderful, important and in the Universe they are both abundant and equally important – therefore, neither one is "better"

Creation of the Light Diamonds

  • Lightlord Metatron and enlightened Masters are permanently present during a Diamond Process
  • Lightlord Metatron lowers his Diamond Cube into the designated room and opens a Diamond Temple for protection
  • The all-seeing Eye of God radiates in
  • The intended Light Diamonds are placed in a room initiated by the spiritual world and permeated with a permanent Merkaba activation
  • The Diamond Process lasts at least 96 hours (4 days)


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